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A red wolf gets water like other animals in the wild. It may drink from streams or standing water created by rain storms. It could drink from ponds, rivers, and creaks.

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What is the red wolf or red wolf hybrid?

The red wolf or red wolf hybrid is a wolf species that is part wolf, part coyote.

What abiotic factors affect a red wolf?

the weather the water (rainfall)

What is an endangered wolf?

an endangered wolf is probably the red wolf

What does red wolf mean?

it is called the red wolf for the red fur by its neck

What is the food chain of the red wolf?

red wolf,bocat,

When was The Red Wolf created?

The Red Wolf was created in 2003.

How much water does a red wolf need a day?

8- 10 litres

What is the red wolf a producer or consumer?

The red wolf is an Apex predator.

Rufus says Tear the sheeps clothing off the Red Wolf Who could the Red Wolf be?

Rufus says "Tear the sheep's clothing off the Red Wolf." Who could the Red Wolf be?

Where does the red wolf live?

The red wolf lives in north America

What are the wolf types?

red wolf, grey wolf, tundra wolf, artic wolf, timber wolf

What is so special about the red wolf?

They are more rare then the gray wolf and Red wolves are a mix of coyote and Wolf.

Is the red wolf considered rare?

Yes, the red wolf is critically endangered.

In what countries can you find the red wolf?

The red wolf is found in the United States.

How is a red wolf born?

A red wolf is born if both of its parents have a hidden factor for red fur.

Is the red wolf related to the gray wolf?

Yes! in fact, the red wolf is also a canine. However, some say it is simply a mixed breed crossing a red fox and a gray wolf.

How do you get the wolf on gaia?

on the market place, if you want the red wolf, you search "freki the red wolf" , you have to have a trading pass though.

What is the scientific name of a red wolf?

Canis rufus is the scientific name for a red wolf.

If the red wolf is Canis rufus what is the scientific name for a black wolf?

The red wolf is a species however there is no such species as a black wolf, therefore no scientific name. But as 'rufus' is latin for red, I guess the latin word for 'black' would be used in the 'Black Wolf' Species' scientific name.

Where is a diagram of a food chain of the red wolf?

brown bearsSnakeRed wolf

How many pages does The Red Wolf Conspiracy have?

The Red Wolf Conspiracy has 462 pages.

What is the rarest species of wolf?

The rarest species of wolf is either the Red Wolf Or the Ethiopian Wolf.

How do you say red wolf in Japanese?

the red wolf (canis rufus): アメリカアカオオカミ (amerika-aka-ookami) a red wolf: 赤い狼 (akai ookami)

Is the red wolf a real wolf relative?


Is a red wolf larger than a gray wolf?

A gray wolf is larger.