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It bypasses the brain.

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Q: How does a reflex cause you to act so quickly?
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Why does a reflex action happen so quickly?

Reflexes happen so quickly because they take place through the reflex arc. This means after a stimulus has been detected, the synapse occurs in the spinal cord, rather than passing through the brain, saving time.

What caused the Great Plains to be settled so quickly?

The Homestead Act and railroads.

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Bile salts do not digest fats. They cause the fats to become smaller and that increases the surface area so that enzymes in the digestive tract can act quickly.

Why was Poland defeated so quickly by the 3rd Reich?

Cause they were outnumbered

How do roadrunners act?

roadrunners act wild cause they eat reptiles and they are so wired

Would salivary reflex be a somatic reflex?

In some circumstances I guess so.

Why did the location of Chicago cause it to grow so quickly?

Cause they were near transportation routes, natural resources ,and the lakes

Is patellar reflex a somatic reflex?

Somatic refers to the body, so the answers is yes

What can cause your blood alcohol content to rise quickly?

Yes, but you shouldn't try to do so.

What two things made it possible for the West to be settled so quickly?

Transcontinental Railroad Homestead Act

Why did the stamp act considered to be a cause of the revolutionary war?

the stamp act was a cause of the revolutionary war because the colonists did not like it so they started a war with England.

What are examples of reflex angles?

A reflex angle is an angle which is greater than 180° but less than 360°; so, a 240° angle is a reflex angle.

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