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they hop on the hen's back and hop off!

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How does rooster fertilize eggs?

chicken fertilize egg

Does a chicken need a rooster to fertilize each and every egg or does the chicken only need the rooster to lay eggs?

a chicken need a rooster to fertilize it's sex cell whatever it is A chicken can lay an egg without a rooster but the egg can never be hatched. If the egg is fertilized then the egg is able to hatch.

Does a rooster sit on the egg to fertilize?

No. The rooster has relations with the hen and she lays fertilized eggs

How does the male chicken fertilize the egg?

The rooster has to breed with the hen.

How do chickens have babies?

The male rooster must fertilize the egg

How do you make an egg hatch into chick?

The rooster has to fertilize the egg and you have to keep it in a warm place for them to hatch

Can a chick hatch naturally by itself with only a chicken?

No it needs a rooster to fertilize the egg.

What roll do a rooster play in a chicken laying eggs?

they fertilize the egg so a baby chick can be hatched but a rooster is not needed for a hen to lay a regular egg that you are going to eat.

What other ways that eggs with shells can be hatched?

the answer is you have to have a rooster with your chicken to fertilize the egg or nothing can hatch

Does a rooster have to fertilize an egg?

If you want to have Chicks then you have to have a cockerel but if you want just eggs then it doesn't matter.

How do you fertilize a store bought egg?

You can't fertilize an egg once it is out of the hen.In order to have fertilized eggs, you must keep a hen with a rooster, then collect the eggs to incubate them and hatch chicks.

Does a chicken need a rooster to fertilize each and every egg or does the chicken only need the rooster to fertilize her so she can lay a clutch of eggs so it'll produce baby chicks?

The rooster does not need to fertilize the hen everyday. The rooster deposits a sperm cluster or sperm sac when mating.The sperm live inside the female reproductive system and each time an ovulation occurs (every 24-26 hours in good egg producers) the egg can become fertile. This process continues and matings at 7 - 10 day intervals are necessary to maintain fertility. The rooster does not need to fertilize the hen everyday.

Can a rooster fertilize an egg by overshadowing a hen?

A rooster can only fertilize a hen by having sexual contact, in the form of a "cloacal kiss". The sperm must be sprayed into the hen's vent by the rooster's papilla, which is located on the back wall of the cloaca.

Egg or chicken come first?

I believe the rooster came before the egg and the chicken thus he fertilize the egg to make the chicken that he could then mate with to multiply shove that in your bible..

Does a chicken need a male to reproduce?

Can a chicken reproduce without a rooster? The answer is NO, however, a hen will lay eggs, but a rooster is needed to fertilize the egg in order for it to hatch into a baby chicken.,

Can a rooster chicken fertilize a guinea hen's eggs?

Typically, a rooster chicken will fertilize a guinea hen's eggs. This may not be true for every rooster however, since some will not.

Does a rooster fertilize inside the egg or outside?

The fertilization takes place before the shell is formed as it moves down the oviduct of the hen.

How does rooster ferlize an egg?

The fertilization process happens in the hen, so the rooster has to mate with the hen in order to fertilize the eggs. This happens his and her cloaca meet (called a cloacal kiss), enabling the rooster to deposit semen inside the hen.

Can a hen lay fertilized eggs without a rooster?

At some point a rooster must fertilize the egg, it is not done artificially. A hen who has been mated to a rooster does not need to be fertilized for each egg however. The roosters sperm is deposited via a sperm packet which lasts for up to 10 days in the hen.

When is a rooster too old to fertilize eggs?

A rooster can fertilize eggs for 8 years or more. The length of production depends on the breed and health of the bird.

Do chickens go in to heat?

No, chickens actually have an ovulation almost every day. A rooster is not needed for a hen to lay an egg, only to fertilize.

How does a hen at commercial egg farm lay an egg without fertilization by a male?

Chickens do not need a rooster to lay an egg. They lay eggs daily. Roosters only fertilize the egg they do not instigate the process. Commercial layers never see a rooster in their lifetime yet lay hundreds of eggs over 18 months.

How do you fertilize chicken eggs?

You should let rooster stay with the hen. The rooster will know what to do next.

When do you sell a rooster becasuse he is to old to fertilize an egg?

Many people say that a rooster if fertile up until his death. The only thing you can do is periodically test the eggs laid by the hens he has mounted to check for fertility.

How do you get your rooster to fertilize your eggs?

You don't the rooster needs to mate with the hen. Then the eggs will be fertile for about a month