How does a spacecraft resist burning up from extreme heat?

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As a spacecraft enters the atmosphere, it will travel at a tremendously high speed. The friction from the air rubbing against the spacecraft causes lots of heat. To protect against this heat, spacecraft use heat shields. Most spacecraft use blunt, spherical, or conic heat shields which help slow the vehicle down, and dissipate the heat in the surrounding air. These heat shields are also usually made out of abalative material. Abalative materials sublimate into gas at high temperature. As a result, they absorb thermal energy but erode away as the vehicle enters the atmosphere. However modern spacecraft are being developed to have re-usable heat shields. The Space Shuttle, in particular, uses a series of thermal insulating tiles that absorb and radiate heat while preventing conduction to the shuttle's aluminum skin. These tiles can be re-used many times.
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If your ACC fuse burns out when you do not heat up your car is it a wire?

A fuse blow when ever the amperage is to high for the circuit.Either there is a short (to ground or positive), the connectionsare corroded, wire gauge is too thin or it is the wrong fuse. Neverput in a fuse larger than recommend for the circuit, it could causea fire.

How does extreme heat affect your health?

Extreme heat can cause heatstroke (the body overheats, that would be over 107 degrees F) or dehydration if enough fluids are not taken, or sunstroke if the heat is accompanied by sunlight. All are deadly.

What is the most heat resistant material?

Hafnium carbide with the melting point of 3900 0 C. For a ternary compound: tantalum hafnium carbide with the melting point of 4215 0 C.

What is extreme heat?

hot weather Temperatures that hover 10 degrees or more above the average high temperature for the region and last for several weeks are defined as extreme heat. Humid or muggy conditions, which add to the discomfort of high temperatures, occur when a "dome" of high atmospheric pressure traps haz ( Full Answer )

What does the heat shield do on a spacecraft?

Heat Shields . As the name implies, a heat shield shields something from heat.. In the case of a spacecraft heatshield, it shields and protects the craft itself from the tremendous amount of heat created by air friction due to the extremely high speed of the craft during reentry into the Earth's ( Full Answer )

What is the most heat resistant element?

Tungsten is the most heat resistant element (3422 degrees Celsius), but when carbon is in its graphite form, it is even more heat resistant (up to 3692 degrees Celsius)

What is a heat-resistant material?

Heavy Weight Aluminized Glass Cloth Fire Sleeve Manufactured from high bulk knitted or braided fiberglass sleeving, coated with a custom compounded silicone rubber. Designed to form a protective barrier and extend the life of hydraulic lines, hoses, wires and cables in areas of extreme heat e ( Full Answer )

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Can polyester resist heat?

No, polyester cannot resist heat. No object can 'resist' heat of any kind. Polyester can resist heat up to a certain point, which may only be a few degrees, but no object can fully 'resist' heat.

Examples of resistive heating?

In a toaster, the house current from the outlet passes through a wire with some resistance.. Household electricity is supplied at a nominal 117 volts AC. If 'R' is the resistance of the wire in the toaster, then the power (heat) dissipated by the wire is E 2 /R. = (117) 2 /R watts of heat.. Notic ( Full Answer )

Why are some instruments heat resistant?

Only conductive instruments conduct heat, depending on the material of the instrument. E. g. metal is a good conductor, thus wouldn't be heat resistant.. If heat resistant means "still functioning despite the fact that it is hot" then many instruments made with metal parts are heat resistant. Metal ( Full Answer )

Why does heat increase electrical resistance?

Electrical resistance increases because the density of charge carriers decreases with increased temperature. High temperature resistivity is predominantly characterized by collisions between electrons and metal atoms. Decreasing the density of charge carriers increases resisistance.

What is the ability of a substance to resist burning?

If you're asking about what word it is, it's simply Inflammable. But if you're asking how they are Inflammable, then it would be because the molecules are moving just to slow in the object not on fire. By increasing the molecule movement speed, you increase the temperature, depending on how fast t ( Full Answer )

Why does the moon have extreme heat and extreme cold?

it has no atmosphere to distribute heat and no water to absorb and release heat. he earth's relatively consistent temperatures are caused by the fact that 70% of its surface is water, which absorbs large quantities of solar energy and releases it slowly back into the atmosphere as heat, while the a ( Full Answer )

What are heat resistant gloves?

use an oven mitt or other hand protection when handling hot materials. Hot plates, hot glassware, or hot water cause burns. do not touch hot objects with your bare hands.

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One lead will go on the braided shield (this is essentially the ground), the other lead goes on the heating conductors. Megger either one lead at a time, or both conductors under the same lead. I usually test at 1000v - follow manufacture's spec if unsure. You cannot test line to line with a megge ( Full Answer )

Two examples of resistive heating?

99.9% of heating devices that plug into the wall are resistive heaters. They include electric stoves, hair dryers, toasters, electric space heaters, baseboard heaters, coffee machines, electric hair curlers, electric rice makers, electric griddles, shave-cream warmers, electric blankets, sun-l ( Full Answer )

How to calculate heat produced in the resistance?

1 V = 1 J / A * s.. If you know the current, the voltage, and the amount of time the circuit was in operation, then you can calculate the number of joules of heat produced.. Since a watt is a joule per second, you can also calculate it from the wattage if you have that information handy..

What is the relationship between heat and resistance?

Heat is caused by resistance against electricity, or flow of current which is part of electricity. Electricity was made by physical power converted into electricity. The heat is caused by resisting the flow of electrical current.

What can extreme heat do to people?

it can cause many different reactions in people. It dipends on age , on health and there over-all well being.

What is the metal most resistant to heat?

If you look at the melting points of different metals: Tin: 232°C Lead: 327°C Copper: 1083°C Iron: 1535°C Iridium: 2410°C Niobium: 2468°C Molybdenum: 2617°C Tantalum: 2996°C Osmium: 3045°C Rhenium: 3180°C Tungsten: 3410°C Carbon: 3500°C ( Full Answer )

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How are astronauts protected from the extreme temperatures when they are outside their spacecraft?

Because space is a vacuum, heat is only transferred by radiation or by conduction through contact with something else. Having said that, the surface of the space suit may rise and fall quite a bit when going in and out of the direct sunlight. The space suit regulates the temperature through use of a ( Full Answer )

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There are many researches done on this subject. As of now there are few which are successful and can be set as an example. In my opinion, the old methods of: 1. Orienting the building absolute East to West: Where entrance is East facing. 2. Creating more openings in the building envelope suc ( Full Answer )

How are spacecraft protected from heat?

The Space Shuttle thermal protection system (TPS) is the barrier that protects the Space Shuttle Orbiter during the searing 1,650 °C (3,000 °F ) heat of atmospheric reentry . A secondary goal is to protect from the heat and cold of space while on orbit. Materials The TPS covers e ( Full Answer )

Can you heat up a urine sample to burn out herione?

no you cannot. the heroine will not burn out of the urine although if you have heroine in your urine you can however inject it back into yourself and get high again from that

What does heat resistance mean?

The substance that is heat resistant will withstand high temperatures longer than a similar substance that isn't considered heat resistant. compare to Fire resistant and Flame resistant while flame/fire resistance is a function of combustibility, heat resistance is usually associated with the ( Full Answer )

What is the resistance that heats meteors called?

There are two factors that heat up meteors to the point of incandescence. We normally think of it as "friction", the super-fast rock rubbing along the still air. There's an element of that, but the primary mechanism for the heating is compression. Whenever materials are compressed they heat up - and ( Full Answer )

Why plants die in extreme heat?

when it is in very heat area water which the plant is having willevaporate and it will cause to death of the plant i guess

Is tin foil heat resistant?

Tin foil (aluminium foil) is a an very good conductor of heat. Thismake aluminium foil a very poor heat resistant material.

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Depends on what it's made of and how much heat. There's somethingcalled the "Curie point", which is different for every material,and above the Curie temperature permanent magnets lose thealignment of magnetic moments that makes them permanent magnets.They may spontaneously realign if cooled, but the ( Full Answer )