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It depends on what type if you have the one with the red stuff going up the tube that is called a Mercury Thermometer this works when it is hot the mercury heats up and expands and the thermometer reads hotter and when it is colder the Mercury cools and contracts and the thermometer reads cooler.

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Q: How does a thermometre work?
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How do australians spell thermometre?


Which metal is contained in a thermometre?

usually mercury

What is use to measure thermometre?

To find the temperature

Can thermometer be spelled thermometre?

That's the French spelling of it.

How does an digital thermometre work?

A digital thermometer has a digital controller called a microcontroller inside of it that measure the thermistors teperature by measuring its electric resistance. Then it displays it on a little LCD screen.

What are clinical thermometre?

A thermometer which is used to measure the body temperature

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a bimetallic strip thermometer?

what are avdantages and disavdantages of a strip thermometre

What are the features of a laboratory thermometer?

cant answer it because it depends on the thermometre not on us!

What is an thermometre?

it takes temperature, many used to check inner bumhole levels

What is the use of rotary thermometers?

its a type of thermometre.....which checks measuring the temperature of ovens and freezers.

Why the thermometre mercury is so special. i cant fin danything on the whole web.?

See the related link.

What is a major factor determining when d-day was going to happen?

if weather it is by clouds and wet and dry bulb thermometre

Who invented the thermometre?

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) Italian physicist, invented a basic water thermometer in 300056 AD.

How you measure the temperature of mosquitoes?

Put it in a vacuum chamber so that it doesn't loose heat that quickly to the environment and prick it with a needle thermometre.

Who invented the water thermometre?

The water thermometer, or the thermoscope, was invented by Galileo Galilei. It was based on the idea that the density of a liquid changes with the temperature.

Why has a thermometre got Mercury in it?

The element mercury has several unique properties, including that it expands when heat is applied, making it useful for making thermometers.

Who invented the Mercury- thermometre?

In 1724 Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury thermometer.

What is the future of the thermometer?

the thermometre is verry important in the modern day soceity 2013! but in the future it will not be needed as much because you will probably have gadgets and robots and other technical things :)

What part of the human body is most accurate in testing the temperature of a baby's bath water?

well many women just stick their hand in.But i prefere a thermometre

What is the liquid inside a thermometre called?

If it is clear red or blue, it is alcohol (ethanol) dyed, as it is normally colourless. If it is silver then the liquid is mercury, the only common metal that is liquid at room temperature.

Body temperature can be measured by keeping the thermometre at some place oher then the mouth?

In babies a rectal (rear end ) thermomenter is frequentlly used. There are ear thermometers and forehead ones, too.

How some supermarket freezers can be open at the top without losing too much cold air?

because most freezer that you can open from the top usually have a thermometre inside some way...

What are the practical application of expansion of liquids?

A theremometre! As the liquid in the thermometre is heated, it will expand, making its way up the tube to the appropriate point where it will stop until further heating is added or it cools.

What is red temperature line in a thermometre?

It's either mercury or colored alcohol. They're used because they expand in warmer temperatures, and contract in cooler temperatures, resulting in the rising and falling of the red line in your thermometer.

What is a distillation flask?

distillation flask is often round bottomed flask with with few cylindrical openings such as cylindrical neck and side ones, the neck host a thermometre and the sideo one connected to a condenser to cool the vapors back to liquid state,