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In the case of the maglev (magnetic levitation), the train has large electromagnets in its drive section, and the track has large electromagnets along the trackway. The electromagnets in the train are energized, and the ones in the trackway below the train are energized, and this both lifts and propels (and stops) the train. The magnets in the trackway are energized along the path of the train so no energy is being used in the trackway electromagnets except the ones right below and directly in front of the train. Use the provided link to the Wikipedia article and check things out.

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Q: How does a train move on magnets?
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How does a floating train move?

im not sure but i think magnets of some sort

How does a bullet train get its power?

A bullet train gets it's power from extremely powerful magnets. The magnets are on the sides of the track, and train.

Are there maglev trains that use repulsion to move?

Yes, the Japanese system uses magnets that attract, then repell the train.EDS - ElectroDynamic Suspension (Japan) - "pull, neutral, push" system. Superconducting magnets in the train are pulled forward by track magnets. When the train is over the track magnet the track switches to neutral, then to the opposite polarity. So the magnet behind the train then pushes it forward.

How do they power a magnet train?

With magnets

How does a maglev train go?

it uses magnets

What type of train uses magnets?

The maglev train floats over its track using an electromagnet. Maglev trains have managed speeds in excess of 370mph. A model of the maglev train uses two permanent magnets to get the model to float over the track.Describe how the magnets must be arranged to get the model Maglev Train to float.

What is the name of a train that is powered by opposing magnets?

Bullet train, developed in Japan.

Do the bullet train tracks have magnets in them?

only some tracks of special categories have magnets which is rare

How are the magnetic levitation tracks built?

Magnetic levitation tracks are built by installing a series of electro magnets along a track. Power is the fed to the magnets which allow the train to ride above the rails and move along at great speeds.

Does it make a difference which way the magnets are placed on the maglev train?

Yes. The "magnets" are not conventional magnets, like the ones you may use at home, on a maglev train. Their position and control of them is extremely critical for train operation so these are engineered to only be installed and function in one way.

Do Japanese trains use magnets?

yes the magnvy train does and i think the bullet train does to.

What kind of fuel does a maglev train use?