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A virus is like a Tupperware container. It is abiotic (never living), and just acts as a container storing deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) for that specific virus. First, the virus attaches itself to a living cell. Next, it injects its own DNA into the cell. The virus's DNA instructs the cell to put ALL of its resources into copying the DNA and making more of the same virus. Last, the cell ruptures and the new viruses are set free to repeat the process.


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Viruses attach themselves to and then replicate inside of a cell in order to replicate itself. DNA viruses replicate in a cell's nucleus while RNA viruses generally replicate in the cell's cytoplasm.

The spacecraft virus does not cause disease

bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helments,virus can cause disease.

A prion is the smallest known thing that can cause disease.

There is many virus that couse many disease and sometimes the same virus couse many diseases and it's depend on the type of virus and their strengh

Immediate cause is the first cause identified when a person is suffering from a disease. For example, if a baby is suffering from loose motions,we can say that the cause of the loose motions is an infection with a virus. So, the immediate cause of the disease is virus.

Prions can cause an infection. They are simple proteins that can replicate under the right circumstances and one of them causes Mad Cow disease.

Any virus can usually cause a severe disease or death.

that depends on the kind of virus. biological ones replicate by infecting other healthy cells and forcing those cells to make copies of the virus

Coxsackie B virus is the usual cause of the illness

A virus does not cause a disease but it will weapon your immune system and make you more susceptible to contracting diseases.

The monkeypox virus does go through a lytic cycle in order to replicate. This virus is a zoonotic disease that can affect both animals and humans.

The cause of kawasaki disease is unknown. The body's response to a virus or infection combined with genetic factors may causethe disease.

Polio is caused by polio virus.

mosquitos that are infected with the disease. they inject the disease into your body when they bite you.

AIDS is a chronic disease; HIV is a virus that will cause AIDS.

It doesn't cause any disease. It protects against the chicken pox (varicella-zoster) virus.

Gastroenteritis is the name of a symptom and sign of a disease. Many different virus cause this.

A virus will replicate within a host cell.

A virus replicates its DNA in a cell when it infects the host

attenuated virus consist of same virus but its capacity to cause disease has deleted by the process of attenuation.

.the coxsackie virus. It can cause a disease called herpangina.

yes it causes diseases such as flu,conjuctivitis

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