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How does a white Bengal tiger reproduce?


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Well, if you want the tiger to still be white, it has to breed with its mother, or sister, or any relation. But if you don't mind, it can just reproduce with a normal Bengal tiger.

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Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, White Bengal tiger.

the Bengal tiger can be white or orange with black and white

They aren't different the White Bengal Tiger is just white and the Bengal Tiger is orange.

A white tiger is a variation of the Bengal tiger that is white with black stripes instead of orange with black stripes. All white tigers are Bengal tigers, but not all Bengal tigers are white tigers.

The name, White Bengal Tiger refers to a tiger from the Bengal area of Southern Asia called a Bengal Tiger, but of a variety with much lighter than normal markings.

A white tiger IS a Bengal Tiger. It only lacks the orange pigment in it's fur, making it white. Colour has nothing to do with anything.

The white tiger is, at least originally, a Bengal tiger color morph. White tigers occur very rarely in Bengal tiger litters, and are sometimes bred with Siberian tigers to make white Bengal/Siberian hybrids.

The Bengal tiger is a tiger subspecies native to India, Nepal, Bhutan. The white tiger is a tiger with the white gene instead of the orange one. The white ones also tend to be larger than the orange ones. Mix those two together and you have a White Bengal tiger. Hope this helps :)

The white Bengal tiger also is known as 'the tiger of snows'. The white Bengal tiger is rare in nature and is found in areas of India. They also are in zoos throughout the world. Rather incorrectly, white Bengals are called snow tigers. Most of the white tigers in captivity are Siberian/Bengal hybrids, not pure Bengal. The white Bengal tiger in the wild occurs extremely rarely. The true tiger of the snows is the Siberian tiger.

the Bengal tiger is orange with black strips but in some cases they can be white

Somthing special about Bengal Tigers is no two patterns on the Bengal Tiger are alike.

I believe the common name for the white tiger is the Bengal Tiger.

The Bengal tiger is white,brown,black, and orange.

Yes. A Bengal tiger is normally white, but can be orange.

No. The white tiger is merely a gentic flaw of the Bengal tiger.

A Bengal Tiger is brown and black with white stripes. written by Zahra Poonevala

the ancestor of the white bengal tigers are saber-toothed tigers

A genetic defect makes them white. They are really Bengal tigers. no the white tiger and the Bengal and the same people get them micst up the Bengal is the same as the white tiger they just have a differint name

White Bengal tiger siberian tiger

Panthera ,Tigris, and the Bengal tiger.

Panthera Tigris Tigris..Bengal Tiger.

a bengal tiger can be up to a meter wide..

Panthera Tigris Tigris - Bengal tiger.

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