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you dont you just have to trust him or it will never work His actions will speak louder than his words. It's not enough to just tell someone you love them, you have to show it. Does he want to know and remember everything about you - from your favorite color to why you're afraid of birds, things you did as a child, etc. Does he share stories about his past with you and act goofy around you? Are you the first person he calls when he needs cheered up or advice? Does he call just to say hi? Does he try to make you feel better when you're upset or sick? Does he say it when it's not expected, just out of the blue? If you ask for his help, does he give it willingly? Pay attention to his actions. If he's not attempting to show you how he feels, than he's just saying what you want to hear. Jamie ask him to do something he doesn't want to do,see if he gets mad at himself for giving in

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Q: How does a woman know when her boyfriend tells her he loves her that it is the truth?
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How does a person get their boyfriend to prove he loves you?

He either tells you he loves you or by the way he treats you do you feel lovedmen and women show emotions in different ways a woman can verbalize and will make love to you

What does a guy mean when he tells a woman he loves her very much?

That he loves her very much. He means what he says.

Why do men think the woman loves it when the man tells her what to do?

although they are crazy in that man.

Why would a woman put up with a man who has feelings for another woman and why is he still there if he loves another woman?

Well you tell her the truth about your afare with this ho, and maybe she will give you sex for telling the truth.

What do you do if your boyfriend tells you he has another woman before he starts a relationship with you?

Do not have an relationship with him. He is a player.

What does it mean for you and the relationship when your boyfriend tells you that he was afraid he could fall in love with another woman at work?

tell him that if he thinks that he loves someone else that maybe u shouldn't b goin out anymore. for the relationship this is a bad thing cuz if he loves someone else....well u get the picture :P i say go w what ur heart tells u. ;)

What does it mean when a woman tells her boyfriend she can never be as close to a man as to a woman?

It sounds like she's trying to tell you she's a lesbian.

What does it mean when a woman tells this to her boyfriend This doesn't change anything between us?

It means that she doesnt want things to be akward between her and her boyfriend.

Is Buchanan really a man?

His boyfriend says that he is actually a man, but is the woman in the relationship.....and loves being dominated!

What does it mean when a man tells a woman that all he wants to do is make tremendous love to her?

means he loves her very much .

Do guys love a woman's body?

yes every guy loves a woman's body because after all guys remain guys ..but if you have a boyfriend that loves you with true Love he will love you more than he will love your body =D

How do you know if a woman wants sex?

You could see it in the woman's eyes. You would see love. When she tries to sit closer to you, we she kisses you more often, when she tells you that she loves you, or she tells you that your amazing. Women like sex just like men. If she loves you and isn't a hygiene freak, then you make a move for sex then.

Who is the black woman in the miller lite picnic commercial her boyfriend can't tell her why he loves her?

Trian Long Smith

What does it mean when a woman tells a man she wants to have his baby?

it means either one of two things, woman wants you trapped and wants to get money off you... or woman loves you and wants a family with you

How can you tell your boyfriend that you love them?

It is always wise for young women (or women of any age) to let the male counterpart tell them that they love them first. Sometimes when a young woman tells her boyfriend she loves him it can often frighten him and he may feel that you want more of a commitment out of him. Wait for him to say he loves you and then you can tell him how you feel. Sometimes a little mystery and not too much information keeps a relationship alive.

What do you do when your boyfriend marries another woman and he say he still loves you and you still love him too?

Forget him and move on. He is married to someone else and is using you if he tells you he still loves you. After all if he loved you why did he marry another person? You are very lucky he didn't marry you because this man is a cheat and a player. Any man who does this is not worth your time.

When was A Woman Loves created?

A Woman Loves was created in 1992.

Why does a woman cheat on her boyfriend who she loves with all of her heart?

Some women need attention because they have low self esteem.

What if you are cheating on your boyfriend?

No offense to whoever asked this question but this is the truth. You can keep cheating on him, or you can be a woman about it and tell him. If you are a woman tell him. You never know he may give you a second chance.

Is my boyfriend truthful when he tells his mother I am the most amazing woman he has ever met?

YES it also depends on how much you know him

Who is the woman in the GM Follow the Arrow ad whose controllng boyfriend tells her to let him do the talking?

she has almost a french accent.

What is the Spanish song sung by a woman and it starts out by the other woman calling the boyfriend late at night and he tells her it too late to be calling?

No Es Amor or Obsesion. Its its by Aventura.

When was When a Woman Loves - song - created?

When a Woman Loves - song - was created in 2009.

What does it means when a man tells you you are an amazing woman and I wish you the best?

It means that he loves you very much or he's cheating on you and don't want for you to find out

Why does a woman cheat on her boyfriend who she loves with all her heart?

well shes probably looking for something in a guy that her boyfriend doesn't have. so she gets what she want from one guy. and whatever he doesn't have she gets from the other