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How does a worldly person behave?



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A worldly person doesn't have to boast about their travels, wisdom, perhaps being wealthy, or knowledge. They are generally quiet about it, calm, reassured and independent. This is simply in their character and people can feel the chemistry of someone that is worldly. True worldly people are still interested in learning many things from other people who may not have had the breaks this person has. This person is smart enough to realize they don't know everything and will constantly learn until they die. They also do not think comments from other persons stupid or inept. They will realize that some people are still learning and the 'worldly person' has much knowledge to give, but gives it gently and the timing is generally perfect. They never 'talk down' to other people, but 'talk up' meaning they leave the person without the knowledge some dignity and is excited the person is interested in what they have done in their life. Worldly people also realize while talking to someone who isn't they can also learn from that person.