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It would add more mass to the water mixture than it would change its volume, so the solution would become denser as you add salt.

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How is the density of water different from the density of the salt water solution?

Adding salt to water makes it denser.

How does the amount of salt water affect the weight of an egg?

Adding salt to water adds to the water's density. If the egg is in the water, the egg becomes more buoyant.

How does salt affer floating?

Adding salt to water the density is increased.

Does salinity affect density of water?

Absolutely. Salt is heavier than water, so when you dissolve salt in water, you drive up its density. Dissolving salt in water increases the volume only very slightly; for example, adding 3.5% salt to water (to approximate sea water) increases the volume about 1% as the density rises about 2.5%.

How does salt affect density?

Salt will increase the density of water at the same temperatures.

Does adding salt or sugar to water change the density of water?


Why does adding salt affect the boiling point of water?

Adding salt to water affects its density meaning that the particles have to move more to reach a boiling point. The temperature therefore has to increase to make the particles move more and evaporate.

How does the amount of salt in water affect the density?

It increases the density because the salt weighs more than the water.

What affect does salt have on boilin water?

Adding salt to water the boiling point increase.

How does adding salt to water affect the way water changes temperature?

Adding salt to water rises its boiling point but lowers the melting point

How does salt affect the density of water outline?

It increases.

Explanation why egg float in salt water?

Adding salt to the water increases the density of the water. It increases the density enough, so that the egg floats. The salt water becomes, on average, more dense than the egg.

How much more does the density of water increase by adding salt?

by 20percent i think

Why does adding salt to water inccrease its density?

because you added sodium, duuuh

Why does an egg float in the glass of salt water?

By adding salt to water, you are increasing the density of the water (essentially how much "stuff" that is in the water). When the density of the salt water becomes greater than the density of the egg, the egg becomes more positively buoyant and will float instead of sink.

How does the amount of salt added to the water affect buoyancy?


How does salt affect water's density?

It increases slightly the water density at the same temperature.

How does the density of salt water affect oil spills?

salt water makes oil spills get larger

Why does adding salt to water increase the water's density?

It raises the density by adding more mass, to the same volume of water. (i.e. adding 4 tsps. of salt to one cup of water will raise the densitybecause the salt is adding mass to the same amount of volume, on cup of water. You can do an experiment to prove it, all you have to do is find something that doesn't float, example, egg, and then add 4-5 tsp. salt to one cup water and it will float.

How does adding salt to water make an egg float?

because salt increases the density of water so, egg ascend to top

Does salt content of water affect the density of seawater?

the salt makes seawater denser than freshwater. more salt increases the density

What can affect ocean waters density?

The temperature of the water and the salt content of the water.

Who discovered that adding salt to a plants water will affect its health?


Does adding salt water into a plant affect its growth?

yes it will !!!it does not like it

How does salt affect the water's melting point?

Adding salt to water the freezing point decrease.