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The wings push air down, creating lift. Aerodynamic force causes drag and thrust to keep the airplane steady. They have to be made a certain way (aerodynamic) for this to work.

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How do aerodynamics effect paper planes?

Paper airplanes are effected by aerodynamics just as anything else in the air is. Drag is encountered, and air resistance is related to this.

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What is a catchy title for a science project about aerodynamics of paper airplanes?

Lift and Thrust- The Good Side of The Force

Why are aerodynamics important?

because airplanes would not be able to fly it would be really hard to go through air

How is aerodynamics used in airplanes?

Everything on the outside of an aircraft is designed to be low drag and strong enough to cope with flight..

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how do aeroplane works

What has the author Cornelius Driver written?

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What does it mean bibically when airplanes fall from the sky?

Nothing. The bible has nothing to say on the subject of aerodynamics, or aircraft failure/ pilot error.

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What is the plural form of aerodynamics?

Aerodynamics in itself is plural. Aerodynamic would be the singular form. Example: The airplanes wing was very aerodynamic. This would mean that the wing is capable of producing lift, drag etc. The plural form would be aerodynamics because you are talking about a wide range of ideas related to an object going through the air.

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