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diagram for skimmer for above ground pool

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Q: How does an above ground pool skimmer work with a diagram?
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How do you repair a skimmer that is leaking on the outside of the pool?

That depends on the type of skimmer in ground or above ground and from what material it is made, The water is leaking between gaskets

What direction should you point the jet in above ground pool with the skimmer on the side of the pool?

i think its up

Pictures of how to connect a filter to an above ground pool using skimmer?

Attempting to obtain step by step diagrams connecting an above ground pool to a sand filter.

How hard is it to replace a skimmer in an above ground pool?

If you can get the right skimmer you should not have too much of a problem However if you cant get a replacement you may be able to get out of it by getting a floating pool skimmer with inline leaf basket.

How low should you drain your above ground pool?

6 inches below skimmer.

What will happen if an above ground pool overflows due to rain?

The water will spill out through the skimmer, unless the skimmer it is blocked. Otherwise, it will spill over the top. It should not hurt the pool.

How do you replace an above ground pool skimmer gasket?

Drain the pool until the water level reaches two inches below the skimmer faceplate , remove the face plate using a screwdriver , remove the faceplate and skimmer , then replace the gasket and attach the skimmer and then the faceplate

How do you replace a pool skimmer in an above ground pool that is of different size?

Cut out the shell to fit, or if smaller fill with concrete mix

What is the scum gutter of an above ground pool 18' by 18'?

I may be wrong but I doubt there is a scum gutter on above ground pools. There may be what is called a skimmer and that is sort of a hollow box like object at one side of the pool - usually located closer to the pool equipment side of the pool. When the pool pump is running you will be able to see water entering the box or skimmer. The purpose of the skimmer is to catch bugs, leaves, etc and to get the water back to the pump. It is part of the circulation system.

How many inches below skimmer should water level be when winterizing above ground pool?

20 inches

In ground pool skimmer replacement cost?


How do repair a leak at the skimmer area of an in ground pool?

Generally, the skimmer area of the pool can be sleeved with PVC if there is a leak

When adding earth to an in ground pool do you pour it in the skimmer box or into the pool it self?

Add thru the skimmer box

How do you repair a leak at the skimmer?

turn the pool pump off,take off the cover of the pool skimmer box, The pool water level must be above the area where the skimmer box meets the pool wall. If it is not, add water to the pool until it is at least 1 inch above this seam.

How can you reinforce a rusted skimmer hole in an above ground pool?

You can cut a new piece of metal to size, with the appropriately-sized hole for the skimmer, and replace the rusted metal with the new piece.

What is the pool skimmer?

The pool skimmer is the part of the system that the water overflows into for the pump to pump it thru the filter and other accessories. There is usually a screen or mesh basket to catch large debris before it enters the pump. On above ground pools it will be found hanging on the outside of the pool near the top. In-ground pools can have the skimmer placed anywhere along the perimeter with a basket or screen accessible for cleaning.

How much water should you drain from an above ground pool for winter?

Just enough so that the skimmer is above the water and the pipes to the filter and filter can be drained.

How do you clean an above ground pool?

With a filter, vacuum, skimmer net, brush and water sanitizer like chlorine to get the exact details have a talk with your local pool shop.

How can you vacuum the bottom of an above ground pool out with out losing the water?

If you have the regular set up that includes a skimmer, pump and filter then you don't have to waste any water. Get an lid-to-hose adapter, that fits over the skimmer basket at your pool supply store. Fill the hose with water and attach it to the lid. Place the lid inside the skimmer over the skimmer basket, then vacuum to your hearts content. Pool Masters

Is there any kind of repair kit for a rusted pool wall around your through wall skimmer?

If this is an above ground pool you could just pull the old skimmer out cut the rusted section of metal out hit it with some rust converter, replace the section where there is no metal with a new metal forget about the old skimmer setup and replace it with a "floating pool skimmer" they do a better job any way.

Looking for a old type floating pool skimmer 5 wide The in-ground pool was built in 1965.?

Google Aladdin pool equipment ( Lilly Pad skimmer)

How do I replace my cracked above ground pool skimmer?

Replacing a damaged pool skimmer can be a difficult and expensive undertaking. a way to avoid the work involved would be to install a floating pool skimmer this would mean you have nothing to worry about but a hose connection and possibly an inline leaf canister. Check out the Australian Dragonfly pulse surface cleaner also available in the USA.

How many gallons of water does a 18 foot above ground pool with 48 inch walls filled to skimmer level hold?


What do you do when a child poops in an above ground pool?

GET OUT! just teasing but you should scoop it out before it gets into the skimmer or vacuum hose and shock heavily with chlorine.

Closing an above ground pool?

I have cleaned and added my winter chemicals and am in the process of draining below the skimmer but my water looks a little cloudy is that normal ?