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How does an airplane work?

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4 forces act on planes

Lift pulls the plane up

Gravity pulls it down

Thrust pushes it forward

Drag pulls it back

These 4 forces together help move the plane through the air and without these forces an airplane wouldn't fly

When an airplane takes off the thrust is thus increased and the plane can take off from the ground

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Can you use your laptop if your flying in an airplane will the laptops internet work if i have internet on it?

No. Even if a laptop has internet, it does not work while flying on an airplane, because there is no Wi-Fi on an airplane, or in the sky.

Is airplane engine work after takeoff?


Does USB works in airplane?

Do you mean do usb devices work on an airplane? If so then yes.

What is the work of a pilot?

An example of work of a pilot: Someone who flies an airplane

How many work in airplane?

30 terroists

How aerodynamics of airplane work?

how do aeroplane works

Do you have good internet connection in an airplane?

no it does not work

What word means airplane trip?

Like, "I'm going on an airplane trip?" Flight would work.

How does airplane flaps work when airplane is climing?

The flaps create more lift when fully extended and the aircraft is climbing.

What you call the women work in the airplane?

air hostess

Do airplanes work?

Of course they work - didn't you ever see an airplane flying?

How do airplane engines work in rain?

the water just goes through with the air. search "airplane engine tests" on youtube.

What airplane wing shapes will not work?

spherical, ovoid, cylindrical.

How do airplane propellers work?

you press the start button and your on your way

How does an airplane landing work?

Almost every aspect of an airplane landing is managed by computer. The most important aspect is decelerating the airplane so the brakes and landing gear can stop the plane.

How does the airplane invention of the wright brothers work?

The wind push the airplane. And they make the first engines a cylinder of 12 horse power.

Would your iPad 4g work on an airplane?

It will work, but the 4g part must be turned off. Choose Airplane Mode from the Settings menu. Some planes now have WiFi you can use on board.

Can a submarine torpedo an airplane?

Only if the airplane is in the water. Torpedos are water weapons and seldom, if ever, get airborne. Their propellers don't work in the air.

The people who work in the airplane?

Flight deck crew. Cabin crew

How did the airplane work?

it woked causse it was an air plane it woks by the engins

Does Siri work in airplane mode?

I'm really sorry. Wouldn't know.

Where did the Wright brothers work on there airplane?

Near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

How static wicks work to discharge the airplane?

It works to discharge static charge

What comprises an airplane runway?

A airplane runway is usually made of asphalt, although any flat surface from glacial ice, to bedrock, to concrete could work

How does a rc airplane simulator work?

A RC simulator is a combination of computer graphics and mechanical mechanisms that allows you to simulate the actual look and feel of flying an airplane.