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How does an amateur become a professional and why people want to be a professional and not a amateur?


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Once she gets a paying role and she becomes professional


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Because they want to become professional bowlers.

That is a subjective question and it depends on your abilities as an artist as well as your aspirations (do you want to be a professional or an amateur?) But I think that most would agree with me when I say that if you really want to become an artist, you will NEVER stop needing to practice.

No, for lots of reasons. Players play for the love of the sport and of their friends and community. That is a far greater driving force to play than for money. Professionalism would ruin the whole heart and spirit of the game. The GAA is the largest amateur sporting organisation in the world, so it would not be possible to pay everyone should it become professional. Most people do not want it to be professional. Many players are professional in that they already have jobs and careers and very few would want to play sport professionally. For these and other reasons, the GAA should stay amateur.

why do people want to become photographers?

That depends upon whether you are talking about amateur or professional acting. There is a good chance that your school will have some kind of dramatic program in which you could participate. If you want to get into professional acting it would help to have an agent to find work for you. There are also occasionally open casting calls which you can go to, and audition.

The chances depend on the dedication of the athlete but ther are millions of people who want to become professional athletes so the chances depend on the athlete

She wanted to be a professional singer.

If you enter the tournament as an Amateur than you will not collect any prize money if you make the cut. You will need to enter the tournament as a professional if you want to get paid.

Many kids dream of being professional athletes.

no, it is the participants own choice whether or not they want to become a professional athlete. Most of the time a professional athlete cannot participate in the olympics.

Professional athletes do it because it's their job. The rest do it because they want to, or strive to become a professional.

it depends on what career you want to become famous in. If you want to be an actress/model or singer, start in a modelling agency or and acting agency or if you want to become a famous singer, start in a choir or get professional lessons.

Both. Diving is a sport in the Olympics, and people can dive in the pool or wherever they want. But it can be a professional sport purely based on the various techniques such as flips and spins while diving into the pool. It is a sport, like many others, that take years and years of practice before perfection.

you have to go to collage for 5 years if you want to be a professional track runner.

Depends on. Some people want to become a pilot in order to make money, just want to fly...etc. but for me, I want to become a pilot because i want my passengers clear their minds through flight.

None. You just have to have a love for taking shots, and have a talent for it if you want to become a professional photographer.

i want to become an astronaut because it is an experience to live in space.

Because they want to become healthier.

Not many people that want to become a game designer actually become one.

practice makes perfect and everyone if u want to become a professional i am a young professional fighter i love to fight u have to stretch 2 hours a day to become a great fighter.

i am a kedron student and in English i am studing on what job i would like to have in the future and i want to be a professional singer and i have to find out what educational training has to taken to become a professional singer if you would please give me some answers thankyou

Yes, if they want to teach. There are professional standards.

its up now for amateur surgeon 2, if you want to play it beat all the levels

people want to becomee nannys become nannys because they love to work with children and find it rewarding. i supose its like saying why do people want to become bank managers.

Usually children can get a better idea of what is expected from a professional dancer if they attend a dance camp. It will either cement the idea for a career or it will bring to light the reasons why the child doesn't want to be a professional dancer.

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