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How does an asteroid move through space?


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The asteroid has momentum. There is also gravity in space mainly because of the Sun in our part of space. That gravity deflects the asteroid's path.

The result is that the asteroid moves in an orbit around the Sun.

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Asteroids travel through space.

aplanet is big but an astreroids move very fast in space

The asteroid belt is not very dense, so traveling through it is not a problem. It is far more difficult to meet an asteroid.

space is a vacuum, and sound can't move through a vacuum.

through setellites we can see the outer space but not through asteriods

The asteroid belt is in space.I think you'll find that the asteroid belt is a very dangerous place to fly a spacecraft through.In real life, crafts are sent over or under the asteroid belt, not straight through it like in films.

because you will die why will we die if the asteroid belt is not in space?

It is more likely to pass right through than impact anything as most of the asteroid belt is empty space.

No. A meteor is an object from space that is falling through earth's atmosphere. An Asteroid is a large object composed primarily or rock and/or metal in space. An asteroid that is falling through the atmosphere could be considered a meteor.

Yes, the word 'asteroid' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a mass of rock that moves through space, a word for a thing.

"Heat" is the qualitative sensation or quantification of the absorption of energy. "Heat" does not move through empty space - energy moves through empty space.

Usually by another asteroid moving through the belt and hitting one, creating a force to move an asteroid from its orbit. Also, if a large enough asteroid passes by, it is possible that the gravity that it generates could pull a few off.

Yes. The asteroid belt is mostly empty space, so comets can pass through it with a minimal chance of hitting anything.

Some waves do. Both electromagnetic waves and gravity waves are able to move through empty space - and to transport energy through empty space.

There is no difference between the name meteor and meteorid and meteorite but the real difference of an asteroid and a meteor is well meteors move really fast around space and an asteroid they just kinda stay there thats why they call it an asteroid field cyndaquil831 is out

An asteroid is a space rock in orbit around the Sun which is big enough to be detected through a telescope, but not big enough to be considered a "dwarf planet".

An asteroid is a relatively small object in space composed primarily of rock and/or metal. An asteroid belt is a region in space around a star that has a higher then normal concentration of asteroids.

A Martian asteroid is a rock in space that originally came from Mars.

space junk such as rocks and space rubble

basically any type of wave can move through space, some faster or slower than others. i hope this helps

Yes, they even get delivered by little asteroid people in a first delivery space van.

Radiation can move through space because it is made up of light. Unlike sound, it doesn't need a medium (something it can go through) and it can travel through the vacuum. Only light can do this, and radiation can also move through air, obviously.

It would be destroyed, depending on the size of the asteroid.

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