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How does an underwater rebreather work?

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Basically, when you breathe in air from regular Scuba gear, only about a fourth of the oxygen you breathe gets inhaled. So in a rebreather, the rest of the air and the carbon dioxide goes through a scrubbing system of calcium and sodium hydroxide. Then it goes through the rest of the loop and you breathe it in again.

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Fallout new vegas rebreather?

You get the rebreather in Nellis Air Force Base and you can use it to breathe underwater. You can either gather supplies to make it or with a certain science level you can skip this step entirely.

How do you breath underwater in fallout new Vegas?

to breath underwater you need to go to the boombers at nelis air force base and talk to their leader. She will tell you to go around and help people do that then go talk to her again and start a quest called "valore!" in witch you have to refloat a b-29. When you are told to do this you have an optional objectiv witch is to go and get a rebreather. the rebreather lets you breath underwater forever and you get to keep it after completeing the quest.

What is the name for archaeologists who work underwater?

Archaeologists who work underwater are known as underwater archaeologists.

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Can underwater cameras work underwater and out of water?


Can Elmer's glue or Gorilla glue work underwater?

Gorilla glue can work underwater. Elmer's Glue can not.

How does underwater welding work?

no because the flame wont light underwater

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Can you take pictures underwater with kyocera hydro?

No the touchscreen is unable to work underwater.

How deep can an underwater mp3 player work?

An underwater mp3 player can work with no hassle underwater so long as you do not go beyond 5 meters or 15 feet underwater in which the sound frequency would get messed up.

Is there a re breather in fallout 3?

No there is no rebreather inside of Fallout: 3 although there is a rebreather inside of Fallout: New Vegas when inside of the Nellis Airforce Base.

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What do scuba divers use so there air bubbles wont show?

There is a device called a rebreather that can be used by scuba divers. Under normal breathing no bubbles are emitted from a closed loop rebreather. Rebreathers work by allowing the diver to breathe out into a bag called a counter-lung. This can then be breathed in again. If you tried this at home with a bag, you would quickly pass out because you would either use up the oxygen in the bag or get poisoned by the carbon dioxide level increasing. To stop this, rebreathers have chemical scrubbers to remove carbon dioxide and inject a bit of oxygen every now and again. The way that oxygen is added depends on the type of rebreather and model. When coming from depth to shallower water, all rebreathers need to give off excess gas as the pressure reduces and the gas expands. Not having bubbles is handy for covert diving but is also useful for underwater photography and video work as they are quieter and don't scare off the marine wild life so much.rebreather

How do underwater volcanoes work?

Underwater volcanoes are fissures or cracks in the Earth's crust that magma can escape. Underwater pressure suppresses the explosion and gasses.

How are beavers made for underwater work?


How are beavers built for underwater work?

When they go underwater, their ears and mouth seal so they don't get water in them, this helps them stay underwater for a solid 15 minutes.

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Where do marine biologists work?

Marine biologists work underwater, on a boat, or in a laboratory.

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What people uses underwater photography in their work or life?

An oceanographer is a scientist who studies underwater life. Most of their work involves photography of diverse plants and animals in the ocean.

How does under water photograpy work?

Underwater photography can be done with most regular camers with a underwater plastic body around the camera or with specific water resistant underwater cameras.

Do marine electronics work underwater?

Yes they can work underwater. Most come with water proof coating or ceiling inside of their products so they don't get their circuits fried from the water.

How does underwater photography work?

It takes photo's under the water.

Do lasers work underwater?

yes very well actually