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President Andrew Jackson and his public land legislature

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Q: How does andrew jackson's early political career foreshadow his indian policies as president?
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We went to the political rally and expressed our feelings about the new president's policies?


What was the political climate in Washington D.C. with regard to Reconstruction following the Civil War?

The Radical Republicans opposed the policies of President Lincoln and President Johnson

What political organization directs the policies of government?

What political organisation directs the policies of government?"

Do companies have policies for political and charitable contributions?

Many companies have policies about political and charitable contributions

How did jacksons policies define the new democratic party?

Jackson believed that the president should have greater power... and he was the first president that asserted his executive powers by using the veto..which no president before him had done before... Before Jackson the congress had all the power.. and the president was very weak.. but after Jackson the president became more like what we have now...

Whose policies controlled the nations money supply during most of jacksons presidency?

the union

What does the president do as Party Leader?

Role: In this role, the president helps membersof his political party get elected or appointed tooffice. The president campaigns for thosemembers who have supported his policies. Atthe end of a term the president may campaignfor reelection with his party's support.

How do people get chosen to be a justice?

Justices of the Supreme Court are nominated by the President and confirmed by Congress. The criteria by which a President chooses the candidates would include legal expertise, and political compatibility with the President's own policies.

Which statement best characterizes the political climate in Washington d.c with the regard to reconstruction following the civil war?

The Radical Republicans opposed the policies of President Lincoln and President Johnson

What was president Kennedy's policies called?

President Kennedy's policies were simply called policies.

What did president Washington say in his farewell address about political and foreign policies?

He warned against foreign entanglement- agreements that could draw the US into foreign wars.

Did Obama policy cause us problems?

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing which policy you are asking about. Every president puts forward certain policies, and the opposing party will often disagree with those policies. In this case, the Republicans have disagreed with many of President Obama's policies and tried to prevent them from being implemented. But it should be noted that this has also happened numerous times in America's political history, with presidents from both political parties. It is also true that political differences are not the only reason for some policies being unpopular. There have been times when a presidential policy was very unpopular with the vast majority of the voters because that policy seemed to make a bad situation even worse. This happened with some of Herbert Hoover's policies, and also with some of Jimmy Carter's. George W. Bush's policies were also the subject of much controversy, and that is true of certain policies put forward by President Obama.