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Asthma is inflammation caused by an irritant or can be caused by exercise. The inflammation causes increased amounts of mucus to be produced in the lungs. Bronchospasms also occur as part of this process which narrow the bronchi causing the wheezing sound often associated with asthma.

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Q: How does asthma effect the respiratory system?
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What part of the respiratory does asthma effect?

it effects all of the respiratory system but the one it effects the most is the lungs.

Is asthma a respiratory disease?

It is a disorder of the Respiratory System

What systems are effected by asthma?

The Respiratory System The Respiratory System the imune system

What body system is affected by asthma?

Respiratory system.

What is an allergic disease of the respiratory system?


How asthma malfunction may affect measurements and observation for the respiratory system?

Asthma malfunctions may affect measurements and observation for the respiratory system by making it difficult to discern a respiratory issue other than asthma. Because asthma has such control over the respiratory system when a patient is in the throws of an asthma attack, malfunctions and other issues can occur and go unnoticed.

Is asthma a lung desieas?

Yes. Asthma is a disease that affects the respiratory system.

What systems does a asthma attack affect?

An asthma attack affects the respiratory system.

What part of the respiratory system does asthma usually attack?

the upper respiratory track

What happens to your respiratory system when you have an asthma attack?

It consricts :(

Can i take Vicodin with asthma?

Your best bet is to consult your physician...higher doses of Vicodin can have a potentially harmful effect on the respiratory system, and with your asthma, this risk could be significantly increased...

What are the prevention and treatment of the following common ailments of the respiratory system.?

The Treatment or Preventio of respiratory system are the lemon for asthma

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