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Blogging can cause an individual depression and even suicidal thoughts if another blog completely contradicts the first bloggers blog. This is rare but can happen in very passionate bloggers who have very strong thoughts and feelings about the subject of matter.

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Q: How does blogging cause individuals depression and suicide?
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What is percentage factor for depression as a cause of suicide?

When people don't try and help, that is probably a big factor as why depression could be a cause of suicide.

What is cause and effects of suicide?

The most common cause is depression, the effect is death.

Can bullying cause people to have problems?

Yes, it could possibly cause them to be paranoid... Or have commit suicide.

Is suicide hereditary?

No, suicide may not be hereditary, but depression can be, which could be the cause as to why your relative may have lost their life.

What is the most common trigger or cause of suicide in Women?

Depression, the same as men.

What are some mental sickness that cause people to commit suicide and homicide?

Depression, psychosis--

Depressed men are at what elevated risk for suicide?

Men with depression are five times more likely to commit suicide, a major cause of mortality in men.

An example of psychological stress cause by the great depression ws the rise in number of?

people who commited suicide

what is the definition of suicide?

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Suicide is often committed out of despair, the cause of which is frequently attributed to a mental disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, or drug abuse.

Is lonliness why people commit suicide?

Loneliness can contribute to feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and despair, which can be risk factors for suicide. However, suicide is a complex issue with multiple factors involved, including mental health disorders, life stressors, and a lack of social support. It is important to address and support individuals experiencing loneliness, but it is not the sole cause of suicide.

Can mental illnesses cause suicidal thoughts?

No. However suicide is often the result of mental illness.Mental illnesses such as depression affect the mind so much that often suicide is seen by the victim as the only way out of the deep darkness of depression.

Is depression the leading cause of suicide?

Yes, actually after a couple of days or weeks of depression it can lead to that person doing suicide. If you see a sign of depression in someone, please tell them you care for them and talk with them to make them feel better. If that doesn't work then ask them whats wrong because that will make that person know that someone cares and knows how they feel.Further to the above:"Depression" is a psychiatric diagnosis. Only a fraction of individuals who 'feel a bit down' or 'feel sad' and so on are ever diagnosed as clinically depressed. So although symptoms of depression are often acknowledged (after the event) in those who tragically die by suicide, such symptoms alone rarely lead to suicide.Edwin Shneidman identified that psychological pain ("perturbation") and access to the means to cause fatal injury to self ("lethality") are invariably present in suicide. It's worth reading widely about this most complex subject where simple, plausible answers to difficult questions such as yours are - almost always - wrong.