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How does cable television work?

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Here is a step by step explanation of the workings of Cable Television.

  • All around the world, a multitude of television programs are produced and broadcast.
  • Satellites which orbit the earth's path are at a fixed position some 22,300 miles above the surface of the earth. Television programs from across the globe are transmitted to these satellites.
  • The signals are then sent back down to the earth to the local cable satellites serving each area.
  • Many miles of cable network are installed either underground, or on the same utility poles which carry your regular telephone and electric services.
  • The control center of the cable television companies, known as the 'head end', processes the satellite signals in combination with the signals from the local television stations and other such resources.
  • Finally, these signals are relayed into your homes through the extensive network of the previously laid cables.

This provides a cable outlet in your homes. To then access the cable television services, you need to subscribe to a cable company which will then connect a simple coaxial cable or an RF cable from the wall outlet to your television sets. You then have to program your cable ready television sets to receive the cable channels. In case you do not have a cable ready television (essentially a newer model) then you need to install a device called a converter box, and you can then receive cable television with the help of the converter.

All this helps cable television to bring you more channels from around the world instead of limiting you to local channels. In cable television, the signals are sent through cables and not through the air, thus enabling much better quality of reception than off-air reception of local television. The television signals, being via cable, are not disturbed by trees, buildings, or other surface impediments.

Cable television is thus brought into your homes and the cable television companies can offer you many international channels in addition to your local ones.

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How does multiplexing work in a cable television context?

Does Cable television use time-division multiplexing

Why does the cable internet work but cable tv does not?

You may only have the internet package. You have to pay more for cable TV channels. If you do have both packages then contact the cable company to find out why you don't have TV.

What is the work of Encoder?

What is work the encoder In cable television transmission systems

Does rabbit TV work?

Rabbit TV does work. One should realize though that Rabbit TV is not a replacement for cable or satellite television.

Why is copper used in the cable of a television?

to make it work

Can a coax cable work for cable TV but not a modem?

Actually, a coaxial cable is used for both modems and TV's.

How does the TV work?

the tv works by plugging it in to the wall and plug the white cord into the wall than you have cable if you have a cable box than you set it up on your tv

Will a DirecTV DVR work on any cable tv?

no why would it it records direct TV channels not cable channels you can get a Comcast cable DVR for only $10 a month

Have cable internetcan you get tv from this?

As I understand it, to have cable internet, with some compainies, a basic cable subscription is part of the deal. Hook your TV up, go to the menu in the TV and do a set-up, such as switching the tuner to cable mode and then doing a channel scan. If it doesn't work, then you don't have TV with your cable internet.

Can a tv from America work somewhere else in the world?

If you have cable.

How does a digital video recorder work with basic cable?

A DVR must be hooked to a cable television service to work. If your basic cable is digital, it will work. If it's analog, it won't. Itworks by recording only the digital signal from your cable.

Why wont your new tv pick up analog cable channels?

Because you need a cable box that delivers the signal in a format compatible with your TV. Call your cable company, explain the problem, make them send you out a cable box that will work. After all, you pay for Cable TV., right ?

Who manufactures ario TV's?

Cannot listen to tv wihout cable need number to connect my cable please provide the digit to my tv to work

The phone number to proscan tv?

my tvs stuck on atenna 2 how can i get it to work with my cable box

How does a set top box work with cable service?

A set top box is connected to the cable coming into a house from the outside. Another cable usually HDMI then connects the box to the tv and sends the signal from the cable to the tv.

How much does a cable TV installer make at dish TV?

It depends if you are a independent contractor, work for a Dish retailer or work for corporate.

Does PS3 work on a standard TV?

Yes it comes with connection cable for standard TV and wile it will not get HD on a standard TV it will work as good or better than the normal TV pictures you get on that TV

Will a cable ready TV work with Dirrectv?

Yes. The Direct TV hookup is the box alone, from the box can come a cable, HDMI and even Composite outputs.

Do digital recievers work the same for cable as broadcast tv?

Yes, except you won't get as many channels as cable.

Does Optimum Cable work on more than one television?

You can obtain a splitter to allow you to be able to have cable on more than one tv. Optimum cable can be transferred to other tvs by use of a splitter that you can purchase at a location such as Best Buy.

Where can one get a Cable Box?

If an individual needs a cable box to view cable show programs, the individual needs to contact their cable television provider. Cable boxes are typically furnished by the cable television provider, and are specifically programmed to the providers channels. A person may purchase cable boxes from eBay and Amazon, but they may not work properly with the current cable television service of the individual.

How do i program charter cable remote to work rca tv?

how do i program a charter remote to a rca tv

What do you do when your TV goes black and white?

The thing you do is you have to reset your TV or cable box or whatever and it MIGHT work. :)

Satellite and cable to one tv?

depending on the tv you could use different a/v inputs. if it is basic cable it can be connected to antenna input on the satellite receiver will work as if connected strat to the TV. if it is a digital cable box the first is only option.

Does an lcd tv remote control the cable?

Most cable providers will also provide a remote that can be programmed to work with the type of tv that you own. I have never seen or used a remote that is specifically for a tv so I would say that they do not work, but your best bet would be to get info from your tv manufacturers.