How does cheating ruin the trust in a marriage?


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  • Vows were taken in a marriage to love and honor and the couple are expected to stay together for the rest of their lives. When a spouse cheats they break this bond of trust and it is extremely difficult to gain back if the spouse being cheated on doesn't ask for a divorce first. Cheating is sleazy; selfish and hurts not only the husband or wife; but any children they have and perhaps members of both sides of the family. When a spouse cheats they are not only cheating, but they are lying to their spouse.
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ANSWER:... Cheating has many meaning, but if it's about relationship, cheating do and always destroy marriage, respect, trust, and their life, especially if there's children involved

Not being honest is one thing that could eventually ruin a marriage.

A spouse or spouses cheating does not revitalize a dying marriage because it breaks that bond of trust they had for each other and that trust is hard to earn back. If a couple wants to revitalize their marriage then they can either see a marriage counselor to learn tools to enrich their marriage; perhaps go on a romantic vacation even if it is a weekend vacation or, they could temporarily separate legally so each person has enough time to consider if they want to continue on with the marriage.

That's for the spouse to determine depending on the condition of the marriage and severity of the adultery (if any).

Trust is earned and your husband broke that bond of trust so he is going to have to earn it back. Both of you should seek marriage counseling to get to the root of why your husband thought he should cheat and the counselor can give tools for the couple to work with and strengthen their marriage. A marriage counselor is not there to blame either party, but to get you both to see the weak spots in your marriage and work on them. No, you will probably not trust your husband for cheating for awhile because trust is earned.

Years ago when it comes to couples having problem, women has a higher rate when it comes to cheating and infidelity. But lately through councilor and researcher, men has a higher rate when it comes to cheating, either they have happy marriage or having a problem. But it doesn't really matter who do most of cheating, it's still wrong and it does ruin the bond of marriage.

What sort of cheating? Cheating in a card game, or sexual cheating in a marriage?

When a spouse breaks that bond of trust it will take several months to possibly a year or more (of good behavior) for that cheating husband to earn the trust back from their spouse. The victim of a cheating spouse should never make it easy for the cheater to come back into their lives and continue on as if nothing has happened, but, they should not harp at the cheating spouse or the relationship would wither away. To err is human and sometimes either men or women make a mistake and cheat, but some never cheat again while others may find themselves cheating over and over again. This is why it is important for the victim of cheating to tell their spouse they will only take them back if they agree to go to marriage counseling where the marriage counselor can give them the tools to correct the weak areas in the marriage. If the cheating spouse refuses, then it is better to walk away from the marriage.

Anyone that cheats has no backbone to face the person they are cheating on. Cheaters want it all. They haven't got the fortitude to tell the truth to their girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse because they are using them; if the relationship they are going to be in does not work out then they can go back to the life they had with their partner. Cheating ruins the trust in a marriage because the person cheating has broken that strong bond of trust and they lied and cheated which cuts deeply into the heart of the one they are suppose to love and are cheating on. If the person has cheated only once that can be human nature for some and a mistake and the first time cheater will realize that mistake and earn the trust back from their mate (if possible.) However, those that continue to cheat are never to be trusted and their mate should walk away and not look back.

No that is wreckless jealousy. If that doesn't stop the marriage will not last, if she does not trust you she shoul dnot have married you. Tell her that everytime she accuses you of cheating that you are going to cheat two times.

No. It will never be the same. The element of trust has been broken and you will always wonder if he/she is cheating or having an affair.

Trust if you lack trust you will always think negative

Since you are not married and your boyfriend has cheated on you then you should break up with him. He has broken that bond of trust and it is difficult to mend that trust. There is nothing binding you to each other such as marriage so instead of putting up with him cheating decide to move on as there are better young men out there that would not cheat on you.

ANSWER: Is punishable by law and it will ruin the records of that country..

Rules prevent cheating, which would ruin the game.

Hell yes. Make them grovel and milk it, that's what I'm still doing to my boyfriend.

It depends on what you did to lose their trust. Try marriage counseling with a certified psychiatrist and work on it there. A marriage without trust is in trouble.

Every couple runs the risk of one or both cheating on the other. Good communication skills are a must in a relationship. Sit down calmly with her and discuss how you feel, but do not accuse her of cheating. You may have trust issues because you have been hurt in the past by someone else. Talk things out with your girlfriend and be sure to let her know that cheating by either of you is not acceptable and it would ruin the relationship.

If he doesn't believe you, leave him. You shouldn't be in a relationship where trust is one sided.

No, hacking it or modding it can but cheating not

well if you ever see him in bead with a girl that means he is cheating on you.......

Does your spouse flirt with other people, does he or she come home late, Do they ever hang out with you, These are signs that they are cheating but, if you trust they would NOT cheat then trust them.

Cheating is called cheating for a reason.When you engage in a serious, monogamous relationship with someone, they give you a lot of their trust. When you cheat, you are breaking this trust.Cheating can mean different things. Knowing your partners' limits is essential to any strong relationship.

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