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Hair dyes are chemicals. So are the substances used to give perms and to straighten hair.

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Q: How does chemistry apply to hairdressing?
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It does vagely because hair is biological (dead cells)

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for starters go to your local hairdressers and ask if they need any help with sweeping and washing hair.

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Someone who goes to college to do hairdressing whilst working as a hairdressing assistance (washing hair, making teas etc) taking everything in.

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There are a wide range of online hairdressing games available however it is not believed that these games would actually improve one's hairdressing skills. Some of the hairdressing games that can be found and played online are Cindy the Hairstylist and Hair Mania.

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you dont need points to go hairdressing it consist of plc'S

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To apply for a job at just about any place, the first thing you should do is contact them through their main website. Secondly, you can ask to meet with the manager to show them your qualifications.

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used in hairdressing

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a li

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