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During the Korean War, North Korea and China were allies, but currently they have problems with each other.

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Q: How does china get along with North Korea?
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Does North Korea get along with China?

China and North Korea do get along.

In late 1950 U.N. troops were along the Yalu River in North Korea along the border with what nation?

The Yalu River separates the countries of North Korea and China. Your answer is China.

What is the neihgbor to the North Korea and Vietnam?

North Korea's neighbours are China, Russia, Japan and South Korea. Vietnam is along way from North Korea but it's neighbours are China Laos Cambodia and Thailand

Is China in North or South Korea?

China, North Korea, and South Korea are all different countries.

What continent is North Korea and China located in?

North Korea and China are both in Asia.

Who occupied North Korea and South Korea?

South Korea is Supported by : USA + China + Japan North Korea is Supported by : Russia + China !

What is the river that divides China and North Korea?

The Yalu River divides China and North Korea.

What countries border the Yellow Sea?

China North Korea South Korea

How do the economies of China and North Korea compare to South Korea and Japan's?

China and North Korea have poorer economy compare to South Korea and Japan.

What borders Korea on the north?

China and Russia border Korea in the north.

Does china believe in the death penalty?

Yes, along with other countries such as Iran, North Korea and Yemen.

Who helped North Korea?

People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) -Itself Soviet Union (Russia) People's Republic of China (China)

What the Korea?

Korea is the peninsula to the North-East of China, which harbors the countries of North and South Korea

Which two countries were closest to the Yalu River?

Communist China and North Koreacommunist china and North Korea

Does North Korea and the US get along?

No North Korea is a humanitarian nightmare.

Is North Korea part of China?

No, North Korea is not part of China.North Korea and China is a different country.

What lands border North Korea?

China in the north, South Korea in the south.

Where did china push North Korea back to?

Current day North Korea

What borders South Korea?

North Korea on the north. The other sides are ocean. North Korea borders China and Russia in the north.

What River is between China and North Korea?

In between North Korea and China is the Yalu River. Hope this answer serves you well!

What natural features serves as the border between China and North Korea?

The Yalu River is the border of China and North Korea.

Are china and North Korea under a dictatorship?

i don't know about china but north Korea is under a dictator and America has troops in South Korea making sure north Korea doesn't try to take over south Korea

What is the name of the border between China and North Korea?

The border does not have a particular name, but most of it is along the YALU RIVER.

Who were allies of North Korea in the Korean War?

China and the USSR along with many other communist countries, but the major one that assisted North Korea was China. The USSR supplied North Korea with Soviet tanks and planes. Soviet pilots also flew for the North Korean air force but this was kept a secret long after the end of the war.

Why was the us and china involved in the Korean war?

The US supported South Korea and communist China supported communist North Korea. The US did not condone North Korean attack on South Korea, but China condone North Korea's attack on South Korea.