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It can affect you in many many ways

Like... If your planning to go walking and its raining, its not so nice anymore. Or if your outside and its super sunny you could get a sunburn or possibly tan. You kno stuff like that

Sorry that's probably not what ur looking for but oh well...

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How does climate affects your daily life?

Climate can affect daily life because if the climate is too cold, it can freeze the water pipes in your home.

How did climate effect the daily lives of Egyptians?

it would kill them

What does continental effect have to do with climate?

The effect that continental surfaces have on the climate of locations or regions. This effect results in a greater range in surface air temperature at both daily and annual scales.

How does the climate affect the Aztecs needs and daily life?

It affected their daily lives by the heat and that they will die

What was the climate like where the lakota lived?

lakota daily life

Is the science effect your daily life?

You better believe it!

How does motion effect are daily life?

boy is moving

How does erosion effect daily life?

it will effect your life by like if you plant a garden you'll know to not plant it on a hill

How measurement affect your daily life?

measurements effect oyr daily life like an engineer is using many measuring instruments in his daily work.

How does climate effect the life in Saudi Arabia?

from hot to cold

How did Egyptian Gods and Goddesses effect daily life?

daily, directly affected the egyptian's lives

How does snow effect your daily life?

Snow can effect your life because it can cause travel, recreationnal, and it can cause power problems.

Is the greenhouse effect affecting your climate?

The greenhouse effect keeps the earth warm enough for life, but the enhanced (or accelerated) greenhouse effect is causing global warming and climate change.

What are the applications of scattering of light in daily life?

Tyndall effect

How does computers effect your daily life?

it gives more important to me

How does heat energy effect your daily life?

Life runs of sunlight (radiant heat energy) without it you would not have a daily life, indeed no day and no night.,

What was the daily life for farmers in the southern colony of Georgia?

The climate of Georgia in colonial times

How does that climate affect elephants in daily life?

The climate affects elephants in daily life in many ways. If they get too hot it causes them problems because they can get dehydrated. It also makes them move more slowly, which could cause them to eat less.

How does the government effect your daily life?

Have to pay them, listen to them and abide by their rules.

What effect did Aztec religion have on daily life?

Fefefefeei dont know

What did generalization can you make about the effect of climate on the life of early people in North America?

U can tell that the climate made them eat pickles

Climatic regions of pakistam?

Climate region of pakistan and how it effect the life styleof the people

How does the strong nuclear force effect everyday life?

it is in atoms and atoms and materials are the part of our daily life so.

How does Manitoba's climate effect Manitoba?

no the climate doesn't effect Manitoba

Examples of rectilinear propagation of light in daily life?

Tyndall Effect and Formation of Rainbow

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