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Coal (fuel source)

How does coal affect air pollution?

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when you fart, it stinks. WHen you use coal, the ash in the air has carbon dioxide and is bad for the air!

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How does mining affect air pollution?

Mining causes dust and particles to get into the air. This will add to air pollution. In a coal mine emissions of methane that is helping to mine the coal is also a contributing factor to pollution.

Does coal cause air pollution?

Burning coal causes air pollution but not coal itself

What type of pollution is caused by burning coal?

Air pollution

How would the removal of sulfur from coal affect the type of air pollution in a local area?

it would clean the air already polluted and make it cleaner .

Does burning coal creates air pollution?


Can burning coal cause air pollution?


Should big businesses be taxed for causing pollution?

Absolutely. They affect the Earth's air every time they burn coal and wood.

How does using coal to generate electricity affect the environment?

Using coal releases pollution in the atmosphere.

How does the industrialization affect the air?

air pollution

What has the author Cortland Eble written?

Cortland Eble has written: 'Overview of environmental regulations that affect coal combustion' -- subject(s): Air, Coal, Combustion, Law and legislation, Pollution

Is coal a bad use of energy?

it will cause air pollution

Does air pollution affect your dreams?

Yes. Air pollution adversely affects your dream of pollution free earth.

How does combustion of petrol affect the air?

the air pollution

What causes the air pollution?

One of the many causes of air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels. The burning of coal, oil, natural gases, and gasoline also causes air pollution.

What are the main causes of air pollution?

the main causes for air pollution is co2 gas and the burning of plastics, coal, wood, and ect.

Does water pollution affect the air?


How does water pollution affect air pollution?

Air pollution affects the air because it is smog ozone etc. that stays in the air and pollutes it because of the ozone.

How many types of pollution affect environment?

Air PollutionWater PollutionLand PollutionNoise Pollution

How is most air pollution produced?

most air pollution is produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel.

What are environmental hazards that can affect fetus?

Air pollution, food pollution and rarely water pollution can affect the fetus adversely.

How does air pollution affect the rate of weathering?

If the air pollution is strong it will weather away the rock faster

How does Air Pollution affect birds?

The smog.

Does air pollution affect water and soil?


Does melted plastic affect the air pollution?


Does air pollution affect the weather?