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Differing from residential landscaping: what a beaut of an idea

***Residential landscaping is the process of designing, maintaining and installation of landscape for your home. Whereas commercial landscaping services are for commercial and/or public enterprises.


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For commercial properties, businesses tend to hire exterior facilities management companies to take care of commercial landscaping and commercial landscape maintenance work. An example of a commercial landscaping company:

form_title=Commercial Landscaping form_header=The appearance of your commercial property can have a direct effect on your business. What type of landscaping services do you need?= [] Detailed landscaping [] Routine maintenance [] Customized project management What is the size of your property?=_ When would you like these services started?=_

form_title=Residential Landscaping form_header=Improve the appearance outside of your home. Whether you are starting from scratch, or renovating your existing landscape, you can rely on residential landscaping professionals to help. What services are you interested in?= [] Detailed landscaping [] Routine maintenance [] Customized project management [] Other Approximately how large is your property?=_ Would you like both your front and back yard cared for?= () Yes () No

Commercial leases are generally locked up for a much longer term then residential leases, and it's much, much harder to break a commercial lease. One big difference between commercial leases and residential leases that a lot of people don't realize is that commercial leases are not subject to many of the consumer protection laws that residential leases are. Make sure you know what you're getting into before signing. Most commercial leases are NNN which require the lessee to pay all utilities, insurance, and property taxes. Most residential leases are on a Gross rental basis and do not directly pay NNN charges. Commercial Appraiser

what difference between residential and commercial load calculations

Commercial property insurance is often higher because the space in question is being used for a business that may or may not fail. However, residential property insurance applies directly to the resident or owner and is less risky.

form_title=Retaining Wall form_header=Have a landscaping professional help you shore up slopes, add structure to your landscape, and create visual appeal with a well-crafted retaining wall. Is the retaining wall for commercial or residential purposes?= () Commercial () Residential Is the area highly sloped where the retaining wall will be?= () Yes () No Do you want a wall that is designed to retain water?= () Yes () No

What is the difference between residential burglary and commercial burglary as far a being punished?

In some areas you can have residential property and commercial property on the same land. It will depend on what the area is zoned for. Some areas are strictly residential, some are strictly commercial, and some are mixed.

Condo Launch SG is committed to provide the best property advice for everyone. We are offering the best and latest Property launches, Condos sale, showflat, Overseas, Industrial, Mixed Developments, residential, commercial or any executive properties since last many decades in Singapore.

Residential, not commercial.

A certified residential appraiser can appraise any residential property with up to four units, regardless of value. However, they cannot appraise a commercial property.

In the US, there are laws about commercial versus residential areas. People are not permitted to live in a commercial warehouse because it is not zoned for residential use.

Kubota rents and sells various equipment for light construction, landscaping, small farming, and residential uses. They make lawnmowers that range from small residential uses to larger, commercial landscaping uses. Several of these also double as a snowblower. Also, Kubota make tractors, construction vehicles and utility vehicles for landscaping and agricultural uses. According to their website, Kubota sells and rents tractors, mowers, utility vehicles, and construction equipment. The company is located in Osaka, Japan and their equipment is generally made for the Japanese farming consumer.

A commercial mortgage is not the same as a residential mortgage. A commercial mortgage applies to commercial buildings or businesses. Businesspeople take out commercial mortgages.

A bed and breakfast should be considered commercial property. Residential property is classified as single home dwellings not for business use.

A residential hotel is like a temporary apartment for business travelers. Commercial hotels are vacation places.

Zoning. Is the land zoned for residential? Commercial? Industrial? Can not build a dwelling (house) in commercial zone, and vise-versa, can not build commercial shop on land zoned for residential use.

Commercial mortgages interest rates are different from residential mortgages, commercial mortgages are taxed a little different and these taxes affect the interest rates to increase.

Residential Electrician Exam (Certified Electrician for Residential Only) Journeyman Electrician Exam (For Residental and Commercial) Master Electrician Exam (For Residental and Commercial)

In certain areas, yes. It depends on local ordinances in your residential area.

In most cities and towns, no! Residential zones are not designed for large trucks to be parked there, as they are often loud and ugly. If you drive a commercial truck, either find a commercial parking lot, or move to a residence that is zoned for commercial vehicles.

You can receive your HVAC certificate online if you like,it can be used on residential and commercial projects. Yes your HVAC traing should be good on both residential and commercial projects.

91580-0-Contractors - Executive Supervisors (Commercial Only) 91580-1-Contractors - Executive Supervisors (Residential or Mixed Residential/Commercial)

Commercial property is a building used for commerce such as business, trading and retailing. Or to provide a service. This type of property is not used for living in, whereas residential is.

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