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How does cranberry juice help blood in pee?


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July 23, 2012 4:08PM

no its just citric acid with other flavorings

No, it the expressed juice of the cranberry. Der. Other junk is sometimes added to improve the flavor, and in Russia they used to infuse water with the berries.

thats just a myth

No, studies have shown the cranberry to contain a compound that stops bacteria sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. This helps the body prevent or even fight urinary tract infections, the most common cause of blood in the urine. So it is often recommended by naturapaths and herbalists for recurring cystitis (inflammation and/or infection of the bladder). But antibiotics work better and without them you are courting damage to the kidneys. So see a doctor!

Also note that eating beetroot can cause some of the beetroot dye to be excreted into the urine, making it appear bloody! But this is not harmful. Real blood in the urine is usually accompanied by a mild to painful burning sensation when passing urine. But if the problem persists even if there is no pain, again, see a doctor! And stop relying on the Internet for dodgy medical advice!

i suggest just purely drinking water with some salt

Again, more bad advice. Putting salt into your drinking water is almost never recommended by medical professionals nowadays. And adding extra stress to your already straining kidneys sounds like a really bad idea to me.

In the past there were salt tablets for people to take in times of extreme exertion or heat stress. They worked great if take with plenty of water, but were extremely dangerous when taken without adequate water, and could cause kidney failure and death! Just use Gatorade or whatever to be safe. And it's not going to do squat for your blood in the urine, just make you feel better if you have lost electrolytes from sweat!

But you should try to drink a fair amount of water when you have a urinary infection to dilute the urine to make it less painful to pee, if nothing else.

What the person was probably thinking of was urinary alkalizers, such as Ural and many other brands. They have usually sodium bicarbonate and citric acid and/or sodium citrate in them. They change the pH (basically acidity) of your blood to make it slightly more alkaline. This makes the urine more alkaline, which makes passing it much more bearable. But it is only a symptomatic treatment, so you need to go and see a doctor and get the underlying cause of why you are passing blood sorted out!

Hope you get better soon!