How does diabetes kill?

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Diabetes can kill in different ways. The elevation of blood glucose levels damages arteries, veins and capillaries. This can lead to a stroke, Heart disease, blindness, peripheral vascular disease, muscle wasting or embolism.

Diabetes is also the main cause of kidney failure.

Hypoglycemia which is low blood glucose levels can result in diabetic coma, and if left untreated organ failure.

Diabetic kedoacidosis is when the lack of insulin causes the liver to turn fat into ketone bodies. This causes the blood pH to drop. In severe cases it can lead to hypotension, shock and death.

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Q: How does diabetes kill?
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no it will kill you no it will kill you

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Do you have diabetes?

Yes, I do. But it is well controlled by diet and metformin. If you suspect that you may have diabetes, please contact your doctor soon. Untreated diabetes can cripple or kill, and degenerative diseases that go along with diabetes are not pleasant at all. Don't put this off. Diabetes is EASILY treated - and can kill you in agony if untreated.

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yes, both types can kill you if do not take care of your diet, exercise, and medication such as insulin

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These diseases and conditions may be more likely causes of Sudden death if the patient has diabetes, is at risk of diabetes, or has a family history of diabetes. 1. Heart attack 2. Heart failure - sudden death 3. Stroke

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No, not at all. If you drink too much, then get diabetes, that can possibly kill you. Drink it twice every two (2) weeks.

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There are diseases called diabetes and heart disease that come from poor diet that can (kill).

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Lethal as in if it could kill somebody, yes if not treated. Diabetes type 2 increases your sugar in your blood since your body doesn't make enough insulin

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No, cake and too much sugar will kill a diabetic. Today there is no cure for Diabetes.

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