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It puts files into one block, whereas before defragmentation it is still one file, but may be stored in different sections of the disc.

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Q: How does disk defragmebter works?
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How does the hard disk function works?

You can save your files on the hard disk as an external hardrive,and it works to provide storage.

How can a game in PS slim model works if it doesnt works?

Its probably that the PS laser reader cant read the disk or its missing the disk.

How much does it cost to get a video game disk clean?

no clue bcuz i have a disk cleaner it realy works!

What does the Acronis Disk Director software do?

The Acronis Disk Director software manages the hard disk and how the software and various files and folders that are on it are located and stored. It also works constantly to maximize the speed of the hard disk.

When was the compact disk invented?

The process for making a compact disk had been in the works for many years. However, the first official and fully functioning compact disk was produced in 1979.

What is an evaporating disk?

An evaporating disk is a disk that is used specifically for evaporation. It is made out of ceramic. It works by heating a liquid over a flame, the liquid evaporates and leaves a solid residue.

What is a check disk utility?

A computer program which scans a disk, checking each track and sector for readability. Makes sure that the disk still works and none of the data on it is corrupted.

Why can you not drag and drop a file to a formatted cd-r disk?

I have a older version of directcd and with that you can use it like a a:\ disk. I am not sure if this works the same or not. (If you want to delete the files a cd-wr disk works better.)

Does wipe out disk really works on deleting everything on hard drive?


How do you get your disk to work for ps2?

The same way the disks works on the ps1. just put the disk in, and close the top, and let the system do its work.

What does disk encryption protect you from?

Disk encryption protects the data on a hard drive from being read by someone that isn't authorized. Disk encryption works by converting the information on the drive to unreadable data.

0x000000ED Unmountable Boot Volume. This is what appeared to me on my computer. How can I resolve this I have restarted and everything and nothing works. And I don't have the instillation disk.?

It looks like your hard disk has corrupted file or the hard disk has crashed.

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