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Dryden described Chaucer as 'the father of English poetry' because Chaucer was a pioneer of using iambic pentametre and of using English; in the Middle Ages, French was preferred and English was viewed as a common language, so Chaucer's use and manipulation of it was a big factor in shaping the use of the language today.

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Dryden evaluated Chaucer as a poet by praising his skill in storytelling, vivid language, and sophisticated use of meter and rhyme. Dryden recognized Chaucer's contributions to English poetry and his ability to capture a wide range of human experiences in his work.

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Q: How does dryden evalute chaucer as a poet?
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Who called Chaucer the Well of English undefiled?


What famous poet composed the liliad?

Chaucer Chaucer Chaucer Chaucer Chaucer Homer- wrote the Illiad.

Which poet was a famous storyteller of the Middle Ages?

Probably the most famous poet and storyteller was Geoffrey Chaucer. There is a link below to an article on Chaucer.

John 17th century English poet and playwright?

john dryden

Which poet is buried in Westminster Abbey?

Geoffrey Chaucer, often considered the Father of English literature, is buried in Westminster Abbey. He is widely known for his work "The Canterbury Tales," which is one of the most important pieces of English literature.

What was John Dryden known for?

John Dryden was known as a prominent English poet. He was an exceedingly popular figure in restoration England, and wrote a variety of literary works.

Name a poet who wrote in the Middle English?

Geoffrey Chaucer is a well-known poet who wrote in Middle English. He is most famous for his work "The Canterbury Tales," which is a collection of stories written in verse.

Who is Chaucer and what does he do?

Geoffrey Chaucer was a medieval English poet known for his work "The Canterbury Tales," a collection of stories told by pilgrims. He is considered one of the greatest English poets of the Middle Ages and played a key role in developing English as a literary language.

Who was the English poet who wrote The Canterbury Tales about lives of everyday people?

Geoffrey Chaucer.

What has the author N Coghill written?

N. Coghill has written: 'The poet Chaucer' 'Langland'

Discuss Chaucer as a modern poet?

Geoffrey Chaucer is considered a modern poet due to his innovative use of vernacular Middle English during the medieval period. His works, such as "The Canterbury Tales," tackled timeless themes like human nature, social criticism, and the complexities of society. Chaucer's narrative style and character development set him apart from his contemporaries and continue to resonate with modern readers.

What poet wrote His hand hath made this noble work which stands His Glorious Handiwork not made by hands?

John Dryden wrote those lines in his poem "To Charles Dryden."