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What is the effect of exercise on your flexibility

What is the fibrous connective tissue that holds bones in a joint together

What type of muscle straightens a joint

What type of disease is cystic fibrosis

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Q: How does ejaculating semen daily effect human health?
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How do you write an essay about radiation effect on human health and environment?

what is the effect of radiation on health

How do fluorocarbon's effect human health?

They deplete ozone. This causes affect to human health.

What are the effect of streptococcis on human health?


What effect do dinoflagellates have on human health?


How does Autism affect the human body?

how does autism effect the health of the human body

How does argon effect the environment and human health?

argon doesnt effect human health because it is a noble gas which means that it is colourless tasteless odorless AND non-toxic

Effect of air pollution on human health?

There will be many deaseases

How can batteries affect human health?

They don't effect health unless they are disposed of in a wrong way.

What effect does turbidity have on human health?

It has an effect on people because all the yern and the dirt in the water.

Effect of solar eclipse on human health?

Don't look directly at the Sun, during a solar eclipse or at any other time. Other than that, there is no effect whatsoever on human health of a solar eclipse.

Does gold effect human health?

gold is given as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

4 factors that effect human health?

Diet. Age. Fitness. Lifestyle.

What are the effects of the Ozone Hole?

See "Does the hole in the ozone layer effect human health?"

What kind of disease is considered a long term effect of air pollution on human health?


What does biohazard mean?

it means that's it can causes diseases and contimantion and effect health of human beings

What effect does low pH have on the human body?

The effect of low pH in the human body is serious health conditions. Some of the effects of low pH are cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.

How does rain effect human health?

it effects humans health by the wetness or the way it forms and all the presipation can increase a humans heart beat!

What effect did War World 1 have on the environment and human health?

world war 1 has had a great impact on human health and the enviroment. it did really bad things man . i realy freaken mean it

What has the author Jane A Plant written?

Jane A. Plant has written: 'Pollutants, human health, and the environment' -- subject(s): Environmental aspects, Health aspects, Effect of human beings on, Pollution, Nature

What is the effect of eating coal?

it is not hazard for human health only a person will become lazy who eat coal

What is human health and hygiene?

the health of a human and how clean you are

Why cancer can have such a serious effect on human health?

Cancer could have a serious effect on human health because it makes the growth in cell number slow down and with out cells you wouldn't be able to live. Cancer also kills your cells which makes things even worse.

What is the effect of when human drink beer?

Th effect on humans when we drink beer is that it literally destroys us and our health. You are literally just asking to die.

How will multiple litters of puppies effect the health of the female dog?

To put it bluntly it would effect the health of the dog in exactly the same way it would effect the health of a human women who gave birth to 5 babies every 3 months. Think about it humanely. It isn't fair on the dog.

What observation that human actions related to health livelihood transportation in response to effects of day and night cycle?

effect of day and night interms of livelihood,health