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How does evolution explain the existence of paranormal activity?


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It does not. Paranormal activity is not supported by any evidence I am aware of.


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In Paranormal Activity, they explain that a ghost is the spirit of a person who used to be human. A demon was never human - it is a purely evil spirit.

He explained it using Convergent evolution. I Hope This Helped.

Through convergent evolution, in which similar function produces similar form.

Some people believe in ghosts and paranormal activity, others don't. Here are some opinions from contributors: No it's real. A lot of types of paranormal activity can be explained by science like cold spots/hot spots and orbs in pictures could be dust particles but how do you explain a chair sliding across the kitchen floor by itself or an apparition in a closet doorway? I haven't found one yet.Paranormal activity cannot be explained by science that is why it is called Paranormal Activity.It is not proven to be real or fake, it is usually up to the person. There are sights you can find that will show videos saying it must be real but then the other sights will show videos proving it is fake. It is completely up to your own thoughts and proof.Paranormal activity is very real and in fact all around you. I would recommend looking in the Weird series. (weird Pennsylvania, etc) you can find credible info on all sorts of paranormal activity.

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No, there are no other theories but the theory of evolution by natural selection that explain so much about evolution.

Evolution is pretty much the holy grail of science. Evolution is what would explain the entire existence of all life on our planet. It's why people exist, why bugs exist, and why everything else in between exists. Science seeks to find "WHY" and evolution explains one of the biggest "WHY"s in all of science!!

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Paranormal means beyond normal, or outside of normal. It refers to things that are difficult or currently impossible to explain by ordinary means.

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I can. Depends though i can explain it although you may not like the answers id give i wont be rude or any thing but some dark things and paranormal entities etc etc are cruel just because they can be.

Firstly do not confuse evolution, which is a fact, with Darwins theory to explain it.Darwins theory attempts to explain evolution through the process of natural selection.It adequately explains why and how evolution occurs. A theory does not claim to explain everything about a specific matter but it fits the facts. It can also be used to make proposals and predictions.Darwins theory best fits the facts.

It explains that modern humans are the result of a long-going and ongoing process of reproductive variation and differential reproductive success, punctuated by divergence between subpopulations and subsequent speciation events.

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