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If you are exporting and your local currency becomes strong then your products become more expensive for your buyers. If you are importing and your local currency becomes weak then the products you are importing become more expensive.

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How did the bubonic plague affect imports and exports?

It killed people

Where is Hawaii located and how does this affect there import and export?

hows Hawaii's location affect what it imports / exports?

How do inflation affect exchange rates?

If Inflation takes place, our exports become expensive, while our imports become cheaper. Therefore, the price in our local economy is rising so is the value of currency, therefore appreciating exchange rates.

What aspects of the geography affect Egypt's imports and exports?

lol idnk edmentum is stupid right?

How does exchange rates affect the economy?

Exchange rates affect the economy by changing the price of exchanging or investing in other countries. For example, when the exchange rate of one country rises relative to another, they are now able to buy more goods from the foreign country but their exports also cost more to foreigners. Therefore, this increases imports, decreases exports by artifically altering the price of exporting and importing. Exchange rates, being related to interest rates, also affect investment and saving between different countries.

What are 4 things that affect GDP?

Consumption, Investment, Government Spending and net exports minus imports

How did giography affect the economy?

Geography has affected imports and exports, if objects are exported overseas then they are subject to different taxes.

What are the various factors which affect exchange rate?

When a country exports goods that other countries want to import, that makes their currency valuable. The balance between imports and exports affects the exchange rate. Since this is also a matter that concerns investment, people will be more likely to buy a currency based upon their confidence in the country that issues it. So a whole national economy is assessed.

PSA Singapore contribution to Singapore GDP?

PSA controls the port. This means imports and exports can be allowed or stopped by PSA if it is shipped. GDP, which is Gross Domestic Product, is commonly calculated by the expenditure method (from wikipedia):GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports) If PSA control part of the imports and exports, he can choose to increase or decrease them. That will affect Singapore's GDP.

How does an increase in a country's exchange rate affect its balance of trade?

If by that you mean what happens if one country's currency appreciates relatively to the rest of the world, then country's exports sell less (because they become more expensive for the foreigner), while its imports increase (because they are cheaper now for the domestic consumer); thus the balance of trade is decreased (because the country is spending more on imports relative to its sales of exports).

Factors that affect GDP?

Factors that affect GDP are: Consumption Investment Government Net exports (imports-exports) Y being GDP, we have: Y=C+I+G+NX Any change in one of these factors will increase or decrease the GDP.

How did the Holocaust affect the money in the us?

During the time of the Holocaust, we in America where in a depression. So whenever the holocaust was over Germany owed a lot of mainey to a lot of countries. And since we trade imports and exports our flow of money from those imports and exports became less and less.

Explain what happens if the euro rises against the dollar?

If the Euro rises against the Dollar, this will affect the prices of imports and exports. The prices of European exports to the United States will rise and be less affordable for Americans. The prices of American exports to Europe will fall and become more affordable to Europeans.

How does US exports and imports each affect domestic production?

The United States'exports are as much a part of the nation's production as are the expenditures of its own consumers on goods and services made in the United States. Therefore, the United States’ exports must be counted as part of GDP. On the other hand, imports, being produced in foreign countries, are part of those countries' GDPs. When Americans buy imports, these expenditures must be subtracted from the United States'GDP, for these expenditures are not made on the United States' production.

How does exchange rates depreciation affect the south African economy?

Exchange rates depreciation affect the south African economy because it leads to changes in inflation in the country' economy .

How does the exchange rate affect the balance of trade?

As a country's exchange rate declines relative to other currencies the cost of its exports declines which typically increases demand for its products by other countries resulting in a positive trade balance. A weak currency also helps a nation achieve a positive trade balance since the cost of imports will increase thus decreasing demand for foreign products by its citizens.

How do imports and export affect economic growth and currency stability?

Imports and exports affect economic growth and currency stability by proving the country or city with their own form of income. If a country only imported things for their country all their currency would be going to the place that is exporting the goods to them therefore unbalancing their currency stability. Likewise, if a country only exports things they are promoting their economic growth and currency stability but they will still need some things to be imported or their country will fail.

How does lowering tariffs affect trade with India?

Tariff is a tax on imports and exports on a business. Theoretically when tariff rates are lowered businesses will strive to import and export more. But there are also other factors that may affect the confidence of a company to import or export for example the situation the country may be in e.g. war, nuclear crisis and more importantly exchange rates of a country from a country.

How does a high tariff affect an economy?

Tariff is tax levied on imports and exports and it is a form of protectionist measure. High tariff on imports would have an expenditure switching effect where residents would switch from purchasing imports to goods and services produced domestically. This could also raise tax revenues of government which can be spent back on the economy in terms of unemployment benefits etc. All in all, it will raise the National Income of the economy as consumption and government spending are likely to rise (Components of Aggregate Demand). Tariff on exports would hurt export competitiveness as prices of these goods will generally rise, especially when exports are generally price elastic. This would also deter firms firm from exporting to avoid being taxed. Exports in this case will fall which affects the GDP of an economy. However for countries (eg. China) where their exports are considered cheap and is hurting bilateral ties, an increased tariff on exports could not only solve the problem but also raise tax revenue for the government.

How government policies may affect business decision making in Malaysia?

Government policies, especially dealing with imports and exports determine the path of many businesses in Malaysia. In attempts to bolster the economy, exporters receive tax breaks, which is encouraging this form of trade.

Will the weather in china affect imports to Canada?

don;t think so but if it is really hot or really cold like in the summer or winter, yes it will affect the imports to canada or any other place

Do naturaal disasters affect the way the climate changes?

no, but climate changes affect natural disasters.

How would changing the value of the German Mark affect the German people?

When the value of a nations money changes value it can make it worth or worth less. This means it would take more money to buy something when the value goes down. This is called inflation and people have to work more to make enough money to live. The value of a currency is also measured against other currencies and imports/exports will suffer. This in the long run could affect production and the closing of factories thus people loose jobs.

How are the laws of a country based on economics?

Many laws of any country impact that country's economics. Tariff laws on imports and exports affect the price of goods in the country. Laws pertaining to minimum wages affect the living standards of many of its citizens. These laws also impact the cost of goods in a country. Laws that affect the nations national bank or other institutions can play a role of interest rates in that country.

What decisions by a president affect the direction of the nation's economy?

The President can propose and lobby Congress for programs and packages that are designed to affect the economyThe President has the power to veto economic programs, tax hikes or cuts, and expenditures that Congress passes.The President appoints ( subject to Senate approval) the chairman of the federal reserve board who has great control over the money supply and interest rates.The treasury, under control of the President, can take steps that affect the foreign exchange rate and affect the balance of trade and the prices of imports and exports.The President can use his powers of persuasion to prevent and settle strikes in key industries , such as steel, auto, railroads, mining, etc. that affect the overall econom