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How does food become feces?

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The food goes into your mouth and gets mushed up by your tongue and teeth. Then it goes down a big long pipe into your small intestine. The enzymes in the intestine break up the larger parts of the food that your mouth couldn't do. All of the small pieces of food go through the holes inside the wall of your intestine and into your blood pipe and around your body in your blood. The bits that can't fit through the holes get moved into your large intestine and get mushed together. After that the water gets sucked out of the food and the food comes out of your anus as feaces/poo.

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What will digested food which is not used by the body become?


Do chickens eat their own feces?

Yes, they sometimes do.There can be some eaten when in the field etc as the food can become mixed

Why are feces egested?

Feces are egested because they serve no biological purpose. Feces are undigestible food waste.

Why does your weimaraner eat her feces?

Because her feces smells like her food to her.

Is there sucrose in feces?

No, there is not sucrose in feces. This is because sucrose is only in food that is not digested.

What can later become biomass?


Why did my feces change to smell like my baby's feces?

Because you ate baby food.

How does feces become hard?

Faeces is made up waste food, toxins and mucus. When the mucus evaporates the faecal matter dries

Why is there feces?

Feces or fecal matter is undigested animal waste. All mammals produce feces from the food they eat. Feces is what is left over after the digestive process that the body couldn't use.

What chemicals or virus is contained in human feces?

Human feces is composed of unusable food and million of bacteria.

Feces is made of what?

Digested Food and dead cells.

What is a feces made of?

Undigested food, toxins bacteria

What presents in the urine and feces?

an acid and undagested food

What is transmitted by food that has been contaminated by feces?


What causes red chunks in feces?

The food you ate.

Do alligators produce feces after they digest their food?


Is kitten feces orange?

It can be depending on food eaten

Is feces made of rotten food?

No, feces is composed of wastes from digested and partially digested foods after the body has tried to gather all the nutrients it can from the food-stuffs. In addition, feces contains the bacteria E Coli and fluid.

Do you need to let your rabbits eat their own feces?

Yes, you must let your rabbits eat their own feces because it's an important part of their digestive system. Rabbits need to eat their feces in order to get all the nutrients they need out of their food. If a rabbit is prevented from eating it's feces, it will become ill. (Actually, to be technical, rabbits don't eat their feces at all: they eat their cecotropes, although it looks like they're eating their feces.) See the related questions below for more details.

Can cats get worms from eating dog food?

No; in order to get worms, the animal must ingest one or more worm eggs. Dog food does not contain worm eggs unless it has been contaminated in some way. The feces from an infected animal contains worm eggs and it is through this feces that an environment can become contaminated.

What is feces really?

Feces, also known as stool or fecal matter, is body waste. It is all the food you eat after it is chewed, soaked in hydrochloric acid, enzymes are added to it, and most of the nutrients are extracted from it. Feces is what is left of the food you eat after the body has no use for it.

Which undigested food passes out of the body?

Feces is the term for undigested food that passes out of the body.

What does feces do?

Feces doesn't actually do anything; it is waste that the body doesn't need. The only thing that feces has to do is wait to be excreted. However, feces can harbor bacteria. It can also be used as food by some animals, and it can be composted or used as fertilizer.

What is the term associating different colors of feces?

There are different colors of feces for many different reasons. Black feces indicates blood and you should see a doctor immediately. Green feces may indicate that you are a certain food dye.

What are the importance of feces?

The removal of feces from the body is what is important. If you don't defecate, you will die. Feces is what is left over from what you eat. If you don't defecate, you won't be able to eat any new food, and the feces could rot or harden inside of you.