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How does food poisoning attack the human body?

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Most food poisoning is caused by eating food that has certain types of bacteria or viruses. When you eat these foods, the bacteria keeps growing in your digestive tract. This causes an infection. Foods can also make you ill if they have a toxin or poison made by bacteria growing in the food.

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What does the body do to fight food poisoning?

Bacteria enter the human body on the food when it is not cooked. The human body contains white blood cells that kill the bacteria by engulfing them.

Can you get food poisoning twice?

Definitely. The only reason you don't get a sickness twice is because your body has produced antibodies to attack the viruses before they spread. Food poisoning can come from anything that has happened to the food, so there are many different types of food poisoning. There are also many different types of food that you can get food poisoning from.

How does the human body fight food poisoning?

Apparently it's all to do with your blood cells & all (:

Food safety affects with immune system problems?

Food safety affects the entire body because food poisoning and food-borne illness can caused major problems. These attack the immune system and can cause it to weaken.

What does food poisoning do to your body?

make u die

What does Campylobacter do when it is in the body?

It causes a type of food poisoning.

What will happen to food poisoning bacteria at body heat?

Body temperature is a good temperature for most food poisoning bacteria to thrive in. They can multiply quickly and cause illness.

What is E coli food poisoning?

E coli is not food poisoning; it is a deadly germ which you get from animal/ human droppings. It is a disease. Hope this helps!

How can bacterial food poisoning be presented?

Leave food for three days openly bacteria will automatically attack on them.

Why does food poisoning cause diarrhoea?

If your experiencing food poisoning your body is trying to rid itself of the poisons - hence diarrhoea and vomiting.

How can your body prepare itself for future food poisoning?

it wont but it knows when its there in its body

Can cold plasma prevent food poisoning?

Plasma is a component of human blood. It isn't used in or with any foods and doesn't effect food poisoning.

What food poisoning can you get from eating human feces?

Hepatitis, e-coli

Which organism cause the most food poisoning?

the cells and your body

What are two human illnesses caused by bacteria?

Infectious meningitis and food poisoning

How does bacteria enter the body?

through contaminated food. through your skin. through food(poisoning)

What is food infection?

A food infection is an illness that a human or animal can get from eating a food that is contaminated with the virus or bacteria. Another name for this is food poisoning.

How does the body fight the infection food poisoning?

Food poisoning is not a specific infection. The food may have different content levels of bacteria and therefore be more dangerous. But the body fights it basically fights it the same way it would any other bacteria.

Where does food poisoning hide?

In the food you eat, if it smells it has food poisoning in it

How can you get rid of food poisoning?

Food poisoning will not stop until the patient eliminated all the food that causes the poisoning.

What is the shape of Food Poisoning?

The shape of food poisoning? depends I suppose on what bacteria caused the food poisoning in the first place.

What food does food poisoning grow on?

Food poisoning doesn't grow on food. It is from bacteria that grows on it.

Can you get food poisoning from jam?

Yes, if the Jam is exposed to certain chemicals that are poisonus for the body

Can you eat soup after food poisoning?

yes u can,depending on ur body type

What is the opening that stores food in the body?

In the human body there is no "opening" that stores food.