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Fungi gets its food by photosynthesis & with the suns energy

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How do fungi get there food?

most fungi get there food by feeding on dead or decaying organisms

How do fungi get food?

since they're hetrotrophs they hunt for there foodfungi asorb their food

How do fungi eat their food?

Fungi eat their food by releasing enzymes out of their body. Fungi makes their own food which makes it easy for them to feed.

How does fungi getr there food?

Fungi are hetotrophs so they ge there food from the sun!

Can fungi help in the food chain?

Fungi have the role of decomposers in the food chain.

Fungi typically digest their food?

Yes fungi do digest their food but unlike animals that eat then digest, fungi must digest their food then "eat" it.

Is fungi in poop?

yes it gets rotten and molds, so you have fungi poop

Why do fungi grow on food?

They get food from food .

How is the producing of food by fungi different from plant food production?

Actually fungi cannot produce food while plants can. Fungi can only absorb food from dead organic matter.

Why do fungi make their own food?

Because Fungi are not green they do not make there own food

Why don't fungi not make its own food?

fungi does not make there own food its a mith

Are fungi a producers?

If fungi produce food yes if not no

Do fungi absorb food through their cell walls?

no, fungi absorb food through hyphae

How do fungi get their food?

Fungi get their food by eating and breaking down dead organism like trees.

How are fungi different from plants in obtaining food?

Fungi are detritavores and can not make their own food as plants can.

How do fungi digest and ingest their food?

Fungi expell digestive enzymes upon the food, and absorb it.

Fungi cannot synthesis their food?

Fungi cannot synthesize their food. They extract it from the soil instead.

How does the fungi make its own food?

Fungi actually don't make their food, they're heterotrophic, or decomposer, even though they have cell walls. You find fungi near their food source.

Were does the plantea kingdom and fungi kingdom get energy from?

The kingdom Plantae gets there engewrgy from the sun and they then produce food through photosynthesis. The kingdom fungai gets there nutrients from decomposing organic material.

Where do fungi get their food from?

They get their food from animals and plants

What type of organism gets food by eating dead things?

a DECOMPOSER! they break down dead things for food and process it back into the earth! fungi and worms are types of decomposers!

How does a fungi get its food?

Fungi receives food through filter feeding. It can also just eat bacteria.

Do mushrooms make their own food?

No because a mushroom is a fungi and fungi cannot make their own food.

Does fungi make food through photosynthesis?

yes fungi can make it own food by photosynthesis x

How do fungi get their nutrients?

fungi gets its nutrients by there surroundings after breaking down all the digestive system.

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