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Well for me being gay is kindna hard, 'cause the feeling "urges" to do somethings that you shouldn't, but the hardest thing being gay is coming out to your friends especially your family. I've a bisexual since I was 9 years old and I came out to most of my friends,but shamefully I have NOT come out to my family except for my sister. Most of my friends are ok with this and so does my sister. My life is okay for most ot the time, but can't stop staring my crush.

AnswerBeing gay feels like being straight. You just feel like a person, who happens to be attracted to people of the same sex. AnswerI wouldn't trade it for the world. But it can be scary in certain threatening situations, namely dealing with people who tend to view homosexuality as a liability.


Being straight would be alot easier, ya know....

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Q: How does it feel to be gay?
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How do you feel about gay life?

i feel gay life is a way of a person's character... if your gay then your gay

Why do gay men and women feel the need to be gay?

Gay men and women don't "feel the need to be gay". We are gay. That's the way we are. You don't ask "Why do straight people feel the need to be straight?"

You feel gay does that mean that you are gay?

Yes. The only way to be gay is to feel a sexual attraction to members of the same sex.

How to be gay-?

There is not book on how to be gay. If you feel that you are gay, then just act naturally.

Is Erik Spoelstra gay?

He is a gay man. How do you feel about that?

Is it natural for a girl to feel gay if they are straight?

No, it's not natural for a straight girl to feel gay. If you feel gay then maybe you should think about it all a bit more closely. You are gay, or lesbian, if you are sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex. But only you will know.

You want to be gay should you?

Being gay is not a choice. If you feel like you are gay then you just follow your heart. If you are not gay, nothing will make you gay.

What should you do if you sometimes feel gay?

Give into your sexuality! Go gay! x9

If you are gay and your friend is straight but lets you kiss him on his neck and feel on him is he gay?

Yes he is?

What happens if a gay guy likes you?

If a gay guy likes you and you are not gay, then nothing happens. If you are gay and you like him, you may want to tell him how you feel.

How can you tell if you're gay or no?

if you are attracted to anouther boy you are gay. If you feel like you want to kiss them than you are gay

How do you tell if im gay?

if your gay you like the diffrent sex. i feel you feel sexually attracted to women when your arround them this will be a sign of you being gay. also if you get arroused over naked woman your deffintaley gay.

Why do gay men go for straight girls?

Gay men don't go for girls, straight or otherwise. That is kind of the point behind being gay. Many times because the girls do not feel threatened by a gay man they feel comfortable with them.

Are you gay at birth?

I feel yes you are gay at birth or bisexual it's something you are not what you choose.

How do you tell a gay guy you love him and not make him feel bad or make yourself look stupid for loving him when he is gay?

If you feel this is something you just have to tell him then simply reassure him you know he is gay but you love him. He will likely be flattered.

You think you are gay but could you be bi. i am atraccted to men and i check them out at the beach i watch gay porn. but when i master bate to guys i feel gross after whats going on?

Maybe your afraid of being gay or feel guilty.

How did John Adam's feel about education?


If you like to look at cumshots are you gay?

No. You are only gay if you feel sexual attraction to other men.

What are gay people?

gay people are those who feel physical/intimate attraction toward members of their own sex.

Are you called gay because you are attracted to masculinity of men?

No. You are only gay if you feel a sexual attraction to men.

How does Winston feel when O'Brien invites him to his home?


Why do boys wanna be gay?

because that's how they feel

Why did Enkidu feel disgraced?

cuz he gay

If a boy have a relationship with gay is the boy gay also?

When a boy has a relation ship with an other boy this doesn't mean he is gay.Even when the other boy is gay.You are gay when you FEEL something for an other boy, when you're ATTRACTED to that boy.This is when you know you are gay.You also don't need to be gay to have sex with someone from the same sex. But when you feel sexually attracted to the same sex you're definitely gay.

How do you know if you are transsexual you are definitely not gay?

You can be gay and transgender. But it depends on how you feel with your assigned gender versus a different one.