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Q: How does light pollution affect people and the environment?
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What are some false facts about light pollution?

Some FALSE facts on light pollution are: 1. Astronomers benefit from light pollution as it helps them to study stars. 2. All stars are visible in the night sky when viewed from a light polluted city. 3. Light pollution is good for the environment. 4. Light pollution doesn't affect human sleep cycles.

How does light pollution harm astronauts?

Light pollution does not affect astronauts, it affects astronomers.

Is light pollution a crime in the UK?

Light pollution is not a crime yet, but buildings should atempt to reduce it. Light pollution is still a crime against the environment.

Can light pollution from earth affect th moon and its phases?


If you use natural light but left it on is this light pollution?

Yes. Light pollution is when ANY KIND OF LIGHT disrupts people, or disrupts the eco-system.

What are the physical factors of the environment affect living organism?

The physical factors which affect the environment are temperature,humidity,intensity of radiation of light &light..these are physical factors as they are about the mechanics..

Does pollution affect cloud formation?

Pollution does affect cloud formation. In the case of aerosol pollutants, if the air pollutants reflect the sun's light, the cloud cover increases. If they absorb it, cloud growth is stunted.

What can people do when they suffer from light pollution?

Don't give a damm!

Was light pollution a problem in the fifty's?

Yes, ever since the early 20th Century 'light pollution' has become a problem without people even being aware of it.

What types of pollution?

Air pollution Water pollution Light pollution

Can people die from light pollution?

Light pollution is generally not life-threatening, but it can easily disrupt a person's sleep cycle if unnecessary light always enter one's house. As far as I am concerned, lack of sleep doesn't cause death but light pollution is a nuisance for drivers in large cities because some lights are so bright that the driver could get "dazzled" by the light - which in tuen can lead to a fatal accident, so in that sense, people CAN die from light pollution.

Name two main abiotic factors which affect human environment?

air and light.