Thunderstorms and Lightning

How does lightning kill you?

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How Lightning KillsThere are a couple of ways. The most common is that it disrupts the body's electrical signals and stops the heart and brain. The other is less commonly fatal but causes severe burn damage to the body. ANSWER:these severe injuries are not usually caused by thermal burns, since the current is too brief to greatly heat up tissues; instead, nerves and muscles may be directly damaged by the high voltage producing holes in their cell membranes, a process called electroporation.

In a direct strike, the electrical currents in the flash channel passes directly through the victim. The alternating stroke currents behave more like AC electricity, where the energy travels on the surface of the conductor and at the frequency typical of lightning, "everything becomes a conductor", therefore the energy may pass relatively benignly "around"the body, minimizing injury.

Metallic objects in contact with the skin may "concentrate" the lightning's energy, given it is a better natural conductor and the preferred pathway, resulting in more serious injuries, such as burns from the super heated metal. At least two cases have been reported where a strike victim wearing an iPod suffered more serious injuries as a result.

However, during a flash, the alternating stroke current flowing through the channel and around the body will generate large electromagnetic fields and EMPs, which may induce electrical transients (surges) within the nervous system or pacemaker of the heart, upsetting normal operations. This effect might explain the cases where cardiac arrest or seizures followed a lightning strike that produced no external injuries. It may also point to the victim not being directly struck at all, but being very close to the strike termination.

Another effect of lightning on bystanders is to their hearing. The resulting shock wave of thunder can damage the ears. Also, electrical interference to telephones or headphones may result in damaging acoustic noise.

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Yes, lightning can kill animals. It can kill humans. It can kill animals

Does lightning kill animals?

Yes. Lightning does kill animals fairly often.

Will lightning kill you if you are inside on the floor?

Yes because lightning can enter through the floor and if lightning ever strikes you then it can kill you

Can thunder kill?

Thunder cannot kill, but lightning can.

Can lighning kill?

No, but lightning can.

Can thunder kill you?

Thunder is simply just the carried noise of lightning. Lightning can kill you, but, thunder can't it is just a sound.

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Lightning can kill you but thunder cannot.

Why is lightning a problem?

Lightning can kill you. Lightning also can cause a fire and serious damage to anything it strikes.

Will lightning kill you if you are in a lake if it strikes the lake and how close would you have to be to the strike?

Lightning can kill you. either if your out or in the water it can kill you. since water is an excellent electricity current conductor you can be anywhere's in the water and if it strike the water you could be seriously injured. It is best to stay OUT of the water AT ALL TIMES during a lightning and/or thunder storm(lightning usually occurs where there is lightning!)

Is thunder better than lightning?

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How long does it take for lightning to kill you?

If lightning kills you - and it kills only 10% it hits - it will very likely kill you within a second, generally by stopping your heart.

What is the difference between lightning and the electricity that you use at home?

Well, you have to pay for electricity but lightning is free. Also, lightning can kill you, but electricity cannot.

Do people die more from lightning or tornadoes?

On average tornadoes kill more people than lightning

Why is it important not to stand outside in a lightning storm?

Because lightning can strike and kill you. You are much safer indoors.

Does lightning kill people?

some times but not always

Does lightning shock people?

Yes. It can kill them too.

Why people scared of lightning?

Because it can kill you. Thunder can not.

If you put electricity in the ocean will everything in it die?

No, lightning hits the ocean all the time and it can kill anything within a certain area, but as powerful as lightning is, it doesn't kill everything.

Does Percy kill mrs dodds in lightning?

you can kill monsters but they don't die in this case no he didn't

What is more dangerous thunder or lightning?

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What are some effects of lightning?

Lightning causes fires. The heat it puts out in the air explodes causing thunder. It can also cause blackouts. Lightning can also kill you.

Why is a tree not safe during lightning?

Lightning tends to strike tall objects such as trees. When lightning does strike a tree it can kill or injure people and animals underneath it.

Can heat lightning kill people?

Potentially. Heat lightning is not a special kind of lightning: it is simply lightning that is too far away for the thunder to be heard. A fatal lightning bolt in a storm might only be visible as heat lightning 30 miles away.

Can thunder strike kill?

No. Thunder is the noise that lightning makes.

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