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Lord Montague defends Romeo by speaking highly of his character and reputation, emphasizing his good qualities and virtues. He argues that Romeo is not a troublemaker but rather a loving and honorable young man who has been misunderstood and unfairly judged by others. Additionally, Lord Montague tries to show that Romeo's actions were motivated by love and passion, rather than malice or ill-intent.

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Q: How does lord Montague defend romeo?
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Who was the son of Montague?

Romeo was the son of Lord Montague in William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet."

What is Romeo's father's name?

Lord Montague.

What tragic news does Lord Montague share with the Prince?

Lord Montague shares the tragic news with the Prince that Lady Montague, Romeo's mother, has died from grief over Romeo's exile.

What did lord Capulet give lord Montague when romeo and Juliet had committed suicide?

Lord Capulet offered a golden statue of Romeo and Juliet to Lord Montague as a gesture of peace and reconciliation following the tragedy.

Who is sir motague from Romeo and Juliet?

Lord Montague. He is Romeo's father.

Which characters are related to the Montagues?

Romeo and his cousin Benvolio are part of the Montague family in Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet." Lord Montague is Romeo's father, and Lady Montague is his mother.

Is benvolio loyal to Romeo?

Yes, He is Lord Montague's nephew and Romeo's cousin.

Who is benvolio's uncle in romeo and Juliet?

Benvolio's uncle in Romeo and Juliet is Lord Montague. He is Romeo's father and cousin to Benvolio.

Where is Romeo born from Romeo and Juliet?

He is from the Montagues born from Lady Monatgue and Lord Montague.

Who are the characters of the romeo and Juliet?

Romeo Juliet Lord Capulet & Lady Capulet Lord Montague & Lady Montague Mercutio Benvolio Tybalt Paris Friar Lawrence Nurse The Prince

What the name of romeos father in romeo and Juliet?

The name of Romeo's father is Lord Montague in William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet." Lord Montague is head of the Montague family, which is in a feud with the Capulet family, Juliet's family.

Who was Romeos parents?

Romeo was the son of Lady Montague and Lord Montague. (By Skrappycoco also known as Tiffany)