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How does low alkalinity affect the chlorine level in pool water?

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Chlorine causes a lower alkalinity in water. It helps release CO2 concentration that has been dissolved, and replaces the CO2 with the chloride ion, which decreases the overall alkalinity.

2011-03-21 17:22:19
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Q: How does low alkalinity affect the chlorine level in pool water?
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Does chlorine affect alkalinity?

Chlorine will indeed affect alkalinity. It will lower the alkalinity. If you add chlorine gas to water, it will create hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid. Cl2 + H2O <-> HCl + HOCl Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) will do the opposite and raise pH.

Can you still swim in a pool with low alkalinity?

Low alkalinity in itself is not a problem. But it may affect your other water chemistry levels, such as chlorine. If there is not adequate free chlorine, you could have contaminates in your pool water.

Does the level of total dissolved solids in water affect chlorine disinfection?

The level of total dissolved solids in water does affect chlorine disinfection. That's why there is a recommended specification for the level of total dissolved solids in water for the water that is sent to homes.

Can you go in a hot tub if alkalinity is too high?

Total Alkalinity acts like a buffer for your PH level in the spa, if your alkalinity is too high your pH is also probably too high. These acid levels can affect the feel of the water which can irritate the skin and the eyes. It is not harmful but should be adjusted using a chemical like PH down (sodium bi-sulfate). The real problem with Alkalinity being too high is that this can affect how well the chlorine is sanitizing the water, the higher the PH and Alkalinity the less effective the chlorine or bromine is which leads to your water not being properly sanitized. Also remember when adding PH down to lower your Alkalinity you should stay out of the hot tub for a few hows as that is a granular acic that your are adding and you want to give it time to dissolve into the water. -Jay Broyer Precision Pool Construction

What do i do if Ph is low alkalinity is low chlorine level is fine in pool?

add some form of alkalinity booster for sure. bring it too about 110ppm, chlorine has a naturally high pH, but the higher alkalinity addition will stop acidic compounds from attacking the pH any further. depending on how low the pH is though you may have to add a pH booster, take your water into a pool shop for an in depth water analysis.

Do you need to shock a pool after a heavy rain?

No shock needed after heavy rain however, you may need to add sodium carbonate. Rain water not loaded with essential minerals to maintain proper alkalinity of 100 ppm.thus, rain water may lower alkalinity and reduce available chlorine. Add baking soda to raise alkalinity and add chlorine if needed to the proper level of of 2 to 3 ppm

How does the alkalinity affect a pond ecosystem?

water quality will be reduced

What is the affect of chlorine on water purity?

the chlorine increases the water purity .

What does the mean of m alkalinity and p alkalinity in boiler water?

p alkilinity is the minimal ppm level of alkilinity tested in boiler water, m alkilinity is the total (maximum) ppm level tested in boiler water.

What is the level of the p-alkalinity of the water?

Water has different alkalinities depending on where it's from and where it is.

How does rain affect the pH of pool water?

Well because rain is polluted water and the chlorine in the pool has a different pH level than the polluted water. Therefore, when it rains, the polluted water and the chlorine water combine and make a whole different solution or different pH level.

What is the recommended alkalinity for a pool?

80-120 ppm. If the level of alkalinity is low or high it can cause clouded water and pH fluctuation.

How should you open an in ground salt water pool after the winter?

To open an in ground salt water pool after the winter, you should first test the water. It will have to be adjusted to bring the alkalinity and PH to where it should be, as well as the chlorine, and stabilizer. Adjust the alkalinity first, and then the PH. Next take care of the chlorine, and stabilizer. Finally, add your salt to the pool.

What is the purpose of adding HCl in the chlorine water?

To decrease the pH of the pool, hopefully keeping it at whatever alkalinity/acidity you desire.

Why is the free chlorine level so low even after running the chlorine generator continuously for days?

Could be your PH is not in balance making it seem there is no chlorine, Your salt lavel needs be between 2700 and 3200 ppm. Your Alkalinity may be too far off the scale. Your hardness may be to high and lastly you may have to many phosphates in the water that are consuming the chlorine.

How can you get your chlorine level back instead of aqua water color?

Add chlorine

What is the normal chlorine water level?

normal for WHAT (where)?

Why does a salt water pool turn green?

No chlorine being made and/or your PH and Alkalinity is out of wack or your filter is not working and filtering out particulates.

Why does your alkalinity drop in your swimming pool when the water temperature drops during winter?

Probably what is happening is the leaves or foliage is getting into the water and they are very acidic. The other thing would be if you are still using tablets and chlorine is going up this will also decrease the level.

How does salt water affect chlorine demand?

It doesnt Chlorine demand is afected by the amount of bio material entering the water.

What minerals need to go into pool?

There are enough minerals in the water and the make-up water. You do not need to add more. Maintain water chemistry ~ chlorine, pH, alkalinity and filtration. Ken

How do you test pool water?

Most homeowners rely on pool chemical kits. These tests are done two to three times a week and test ph level, chlorine, calcium, total alkalinity, dissolved solids and cyanuric acids.

How can you find out if there is chlorine in water?

measure the pH level

What is maximum level of free chlorine in drinking water?

what is the min and max levels of free and total chlorine in drinking water

Baking soda was added to my pool and ever since the pool is still cloudy even after shock treatment. It is also sudding up What is wrong?

I know the whole key to keeping a pool clean is balance. PH and alkalinity affect the chlorine, chlorine affects the PH and alkalinity. Get and keep the PH and alkalinity balanced and the rest should be easy. If the PH is too high chlorine will no work. Why was baking soda intorduced? Key to cloudy water is filtration along with proper chem. balance. Extend the run time on the pump by8 to 12 hrs and within a day you will see why you have extended the run time.