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If you are getting a low reading of chlorine in your above ground pool, you should add the appropriate amount of chlorine to get it back to the correct level. This is important to keep your pool running at maximum abilities.

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Q: You have low chlorine level in above ground pool?
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How much clorine in 18' above ground pool?

Chlorine level in an 18' above ground pool should be between 2 and 4.

How do you get the free chlorine level down in your above ground pool?

Time. It all depends on how much chlorine was in it. If you shock a pool (high amounts of chlorine), it is ready to swim in by two days later.

Pool Chemicals?

form_title= Pool Chemicals form_header= Keep your pool clean and beautiful with pool chemicals. Do you have a salt water or chlorine pool?*= () Salt () Chlorine What kind of chemicals do you need?*= _ [50] What is the square footage of your pool?*= _ [50] Is your pool above ground or in ground?*= () Above Ground () In Ground

Where do you put chlorine tabs in above ground pool?

Chlorine tabs can be put straight into the pool, even if it is above ground. You can also put them in a container in the pool which will help them dissolve more slowly.

Is it necessary to level an above ground pool?

If you don't level an above ground pool perfectly, your sides will buckle!

Pool Filter?

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What to do when the ground is not level for above ground pool?

Level the ground. If extreme enough, you end up with a half above and half in the ground. The other possibility is to have the pool of varying depths.

How can you level a above ground swimming pool after the pool is up and the ground was not?

Disassemble the pool, grade the site, install pool

What chemicals do you use to open an above-ground pool?

I currently have an above ground pool 15' wide 4' deep and i use a chlorine bouy which i take out when not in use.

What to do if total chlorine level is at 3 and free chlorine level is at 10?

my free chlorine level is way to high above ten my pool is 12 by 24 what can i do to fix it

Green in an above ground pool?

Algae, time for chlorine. Pool supply places have a test kit (ph) & can tell you how to use & what to add-chlorine or acid.

How can you level the pool bottom of an above ground pool that has already been installed?

Dissassemble the pool -level the landscape/ground - check site to make sure it is level in all directions - re-install pool

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