How much chlorine to put in an easy set above ground 15 foot diameter x 42 inch deep above ground pool?

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I use 2 tabs of chlorine the 2" tabs in a floater it works well.
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How many gallons of water are in a 15-foot round above-ground pool?

The calculation is: Diameter x Diameter x Depth X 5.9 = Number of Gallons For example: For a 15-foot round pool with a water depth of 3 ft: 15x15x3x5.9 = 3,982 gallons. Since you did not specify the depth of the water, I will provide an answer for a couple of likely depths below. Please no ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to put an above ground Doughboy pool in the ground?

Answer . Doughboy has recently come out with an 52" above ground pool that can be buried 46" and carries a full warranty. If you bury the pool more than 46 inches, the warranty is void. I purchased one and planned to have it buried but when the pool installer started digging he ran into a problem ( Full Answer )

How much water is in an above ground pool?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nGood Question? Well there are many different sizes of pools. You can find the volume of one by Multiplying the Length X Width X Depth . \n. \nSay a pool that is 10ft x 20ft x 8ft = 1600ft3\n. \nThere is 7.4805 Gallons per cubit foot. Therefore this pool would be ( Full Answer )

How much sand is needed for a 21' diameter above ground pool?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nassuming you have a pentair 2.3 \n 21" \n 51-1/2" \n 50 \n 24,000 \n 225 lbs.20 grit silica sand\n answer \nIf on the other hand you mean the amout of sand needed to cover the floor of a 21' round pool to a depth of 2", the answer is 3 to 4 tons.

How much is a good above ground pool?

This depends on the size of the pool, the materials used in construction, the site, and the geographic position of the Job.

Why can't you put an above ground pool into the ground a bit?

No reason. you can as a mater of fact I know someone that put a large above ground pool almost totally in the ground he left about 150 mm/6niches sticking out of the ground. dug the hole big enough to set it up, filled it with water, then back filled the edge around the pool with a 10 to 1 sand ceme ( Full Answer )

How do you set up an above ground pool?

Find a fairly level spot, away from trees (if possible). The pool site has to be PERFECTLY level - 1/2" off is too much! If you are setting up a large (over 15 ft) pool, you should have the ground leveled and smoothed out with a bobcat. If your pool is 15 ft or less, then you can level it out by han ( Full Answer )

How much Clorox bleach is needed to chlorinate a 24ft above ground pool that is 4ft 4in deep?

Answer . Purchase a good test! Test frequently - about every 30 minutes -- after adding chlorine. If your readings are still low - you did not add enough chlor. When you reach the goal of 1.5 to 3.0 ppm and it stabilizes there then you have add enough chlor for your pool. When the chlor. stabi ( Full Answer )

How easy is it to remove an above ground pool?

It isn't exactly easy OR hard to remove an above ground pool. It just takes some time and work on your part. You will first need to drain the pool. If you intend to sell or pass the pool onto someone else, you may possibly need to clean the liner. Once the pool is drained, disassemble and move it aw ( Full Answer )

How deep can an above ground pool be?

The deepest above ground pool in the world has been recorded tohaving depth levels of 5 m (16 ft.) and 10 m (32 ft.), a largecircular pit descending to a depth of 33 m (108 ft.). It is filledwith 2,500,000 liters of water and contains several simulatedunderwater caves at 10 m depth levels.

How much chlorine does it take to chlorinate an above ground pool that is 15' by 48?

Purchase a good test kit for chlorine, pH and total alkalinity. Add chlorine to the pool. After about 20 minutes - time for the chlorine to circulate - test again. If no chlorine 'reading - add more chlorine. As an example a 15' x 30' plaster pool with no chlorine and with the proper amount of CYA w ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of water are in a 15'x26'x 52 above ground pool?

Here's a formula for round pools: distance across*distance across*depth*5.9 for rectangles: length*width*depth*7.5 or for a deep end: length*width*((shallow end depth + deep end depth)/2)*7.5 so in your case, 15*26*4.3*7.5=12500 gallons

Can you put an above ground pool in the ground?

Not typically. The reason these installations ALL fail is really quite simple. Hydrostatic pressure. The walls of an above ground pool are not made to withstand even the smallest amount of outside pressure that is caused by groundwater, or by shifts in the soil outside the pool. In-ground pools ar ( Full Answer )

How much water goes in a 21 foot above ground pool?

It depends how deep the water is! but the formula is Pi X (r squared) X H. H = Depth of water. r = Radius of the pool (= 1/2 the diameter). Pi = 3.14159......... 21 Feet is 6.4 Metres, so r = 3.2 Metres. Assuming H = 4 feet (1.2 Metres), we get. Pi X (3.2 X 3.2) X 1.2. = Pi X 10.24 X 1.2. = ( Full Answer )

Can liquid chlorine be used in above ground pools?

Yes it can. As long as you get the dose right for the pool it is the chosen sanitiser for most commercial pools. Follow the safety advice, keep the PH in balance and maintain good water quality. Sodium Hypochlorite is a wonderful product if used right.

How much to install above ground pool?

In southern California the cost to install an above ground pool vary by size of the pool and the prep work needed to level the area and the cost of building materials like sand. Generally speaking, most pools cost between $800 and $1500 to have professionally installed. Pools with a deep end and poo ( Full Answer )

What is the best chlorine for above ground pool?

There are several types of Chlorine. All have good points and bad points. To answer your question: I recommend Tri-Chlore in a floater or Feeder. These are the 3" pucks or 1" tablets . They are the most economical. 99% active ingredient. Tri-Chlore is Stabilized, meaning it is protected from UV ligh ( Full Answer )

Can you put an above ground pool on concrete?

I would not, you need some kind of cushion for the floor to lay on and the bottom of the pool needs support at the edges. That is done by contouring the ground.

You have low chlorine level in above ground pool?

If you are getting a low reading of chlorine in your above groundpool, you should add the appropriate amount of chlorine to get itback to the correct level. This is important to keep your poolrunning at maximum abilities.

How do you vacuum an intex easy set above ground pool?

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY or YOUR TIME - I had the same predicament and search for a solution for weeks. I eventually purchased various items that claimed to vacuum the dirt, sand, and small debris off the bottom of the pool (i.e. Aqua Broom, intex buggy vacuum) which was a total waste of money. None o ( Full Answer )

How much water is in a 15' x 48' above ground pool?

If your pool is 4' to the water line and rectangle shaped 15 x 48 x 4 x 7.48 (gallons per cubic foot for rectangles) = 21,542 US gallons.. If your pool is 4' to the water line and oval shaped 15 x 48 x 4 x 5.9 = 16,992 US gallons.. If you meant 48" instead of 48' and your pool is round then 15 x 1 ( Full Answer )

Can you drop chlorine tabs into above ground pools?

Yes you can, but we noticed some staining to the floor and the concentration of chlorine near the tablet will kill things like small animals and insects. Kids would play with the tablets and hurt or blind themselves. Chlorine was one of the first poison gases used in ww1, you need to be careful. The ( Full Answer )

Who many galLons are in a 24ft by 4 foot deep above-ground pool?

Who? if it were filled to the top and cylindrical: 1 cubic foot = 7.48051 gallons volume = area x depth area = pi r squared r=12 feet r squared = 144 square feet pi r squared = 3.1416... x 144 area = 452.389342 square feet volume = area x 4 feet volume = 1809.55737 cubic feet g ( Full Answer )

How many chlorine pills do you need to use - and for how long - in an 'Intex Easy Set' above-ground pool 10x30 inches?

There is no formula to tell how many tabs go in a pool, as there are many things that effect the amount of chlorine in your water. You must keep chlorine in the pool, always. Go to the pool store and get a test kit... test the water or take a sample to the store for testing. Once you know how m ( Full Answer )

Who makes a 15' x 27' x 52 above ground pool?

The company that is best known for making a 15 x 27 x 52'' above ground pool is Intex. Intex offers metal framed pools in addition to pools that have a blowup ring around the top.