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It does not matter if it is an inground or above ground you need to super chlorinate to kill the bad things in the water that you can not see with the naked eye, and have sparkling water the sun will consume or remove the chlorine from the pool if you shock your pool, do it at night when everyone is finished swimming for in the morning you can let people back into the pool to enjoy the clean water, some people just find it easier to just super chlorinate their above ground pools or shock because of the small amount of gallons of water to treat you need to keep the chlorine level up, for if you do not you are asking for problems.

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You have low chlorine level in above ground pool?

If you are getting a low reading of chlorine in your above ground pool, you should add the appropriate amount of chlorine to get it back to the correct level. This is important to keep your pool running at maximum abilities.

How much percentage does chlorine have in the air?

There is no significant amount of chlorine in the composition of air. If chlorine is released into the air, because it is more dense than air, it tends to collect near the ground.

Is placing chlorine tabs in the skimmer of an in-ground pool an effective method of maintaining proper chlorine levels?

ABSOLUTLY NOT! The first thing that will fail is the pool heater. Tabs in the skimmer could be extremely costly.

What can affect the amount of water in the ground?

How much rainfall there has already been can effect the amount of water in the ground. If there has been a lot the ground will be saturated, so will have a lot of water in. If there has been very little or none at all the ground will be extremely dry as it will have already used most of the water it has in it.

Maintenance on above ground pool intex easy set?

How much chlorine, shock treatment, and conditioner do we put in an 18ft. x 48in pool? Also, how often does this need to be done?

How many valence electrons does chlorine have in the ground state?


Where do you put chlorine tabs in above ground pool?

Chlorine tabs can be put straight into the pool, even if it is above ground. You can also put them in a container in the pool which will help them dissolve more slowly.

What is the electron dot symbol for a chlorine atom is in ground state?

: :Cl: '

Pool Chemicals?

form_title= Pool Chemicals form_header= Keep your pool clean and beautiful with pool chemicals. Do you have a salt water or chlorine pool?*= () Salt () Chlorine What kind of chemicals do you need?*= _ [50] What is the square footage of your pool?*= _ [50] Is your pool above ground or in ground?*= () Above Ground () In Ground

Comparision between surface water quality and ground water quality?

In short, surface water is more turbid with a higher amount of particulate matter and requires more treatment to make it potable. It is also usually soft water. Groundwater is usually clear and contains little or no organic contamination as it has naturally filtered through the ground which also makes it harder water. This usually requires filtration and the addition of chlorine to make it potable.

Where can you find a balloon filled with chlorine and why?

You can't. Chlorine is a dangerous, corrosive, poisonous gas and is not available in balloons.

How much electrons are in chlorine?

Chlorine has seven (7) valence electrons and seventeen (17) electrons total in its ground state (not an ion or isotope).

How do you get the free chlorine level down in your above ground pool?

Time. It all depends on how much chlorine was in it. If you shock a pool (high amounts of chlorine), it is ready to swim in by two days later.

Why is my chlorine reading always low on my above ground pool even though I keep adding the recommended amount of chlorine granules?

Possibly you need cyanuric acid to stabilize the pool. Available at the pool shop. Try adding some 12.5% liq. chlor plus the above product.

What is the total number of occupied sublevels in an atom of chlorine in the ground state?


Is there an inflatable-pool sanitizer that is non-chlorine?

There are many non-chlorine options for sanitizing pools, both above and in ground. Sodium Bromide is one option that is usually readily available.

How much chlorine to put in an easy set above ground 15 foot diameter x 42 inch deep above ground pool?

I use 2 tabs of chlorine the 2" tabs in a floater it works well.

How do you change the amount of erosion?

By increasing the amount of vegetation in the ground

You currently have an above ground pool using a Baquacil not chlorine based system Can you convert this system to salt without problems?

You first have to convert the pool to a chlorine system As a salt water system is a chlorine system.

Green in an above ground pool?

Algae, time for chlorine. Pool supply places have a test kit (ph) & can tell you how to use & what to add-chlorine or acid.

Equivalent amount of ground cilantro to fresh cilantro?

Ground coriander

How much chlorine does it take to chlorinate an above ground pool that is 15' by 48?

Purchase a good test kit for chlorine, pH and total alkalinity. Add chlorine to the pool. After about 20 minutes - time for the chlorine to circulate - test again. If no chlorine 'reading - add more chlorine. As an example a 15' x 30' plaster pool with no chlorine and with the proper amount of CYA will usually take about a gallon to bring the chlorine readings up to near required standards. REPEATED testing and the addition of chemicals will give you an idea what it takes for YOUR individual pool. Note: the same size pool next door with similar conditions may require different amounts to acquire the same results. k

How much clorine in 18' above ground pool?

Chlorine level in an 18' above ground pool should be between 2 and 4.

Pool Filter?

form_title=Pool Filter form_header=Pool service professionals are available to help you with all of your pool filtration needs. Are you having problems with the filtration system of your pool?*= () Yes () No Do you need a pool filter installed?*= () Yes () No Is your pool above ground or in ground?*= () Above ground () In ground Is your pool a chlorine or salt water pool?*= () Chlorine () Salt water

What is the electron configuration for a chlorine atom in the ground state?

1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p5.