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How does major describe the equality of animals?

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all animals are equal but some are more equal than others

He describes the animals as equal and that they should not resemble man and should not adopt their vices.

i can describe animals like dog, cat,etc

Equality is best described as being on the same leave, the quality of being the same in quantity or measure or value or status

Why don't you just look in the book? but he describes it as Miserable laborious and short page 6.

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The term used to describe the deliberate mating of animals is breeding. This is the natural reproduction process of animals.

To describe peoples animals and things. It is more use to describe animals or people. Also it is use to describe love. I hope my answer help you

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I would describe animals that are mammals.

To describe wild animals in adjective form, use adjectives that fit the animals you wish to describe. Words such as "tawny" or "speckled" will help to describe their appearance, while words such as "agile" or "ferocious" tell more about their abilities or behavior.

well there is every religion talks about equality. in Hindu religion there were bunch of teaching about equality. adishankra says we all are one which is Atman . though we have different kind of body we are equal to god.

The term zoophilist is used to describe someone who is a lover of animals. It is also used to describe someone who fights for the rights of animals.

Old major referred to the animals as comrades

To play a major role in the confrontations that lay ahead.

Freedom, efficiency, equality, stability, security, growth.

The major polimer stored in plants is starch, and in animals is glycogen.

Freedom equality peace rights march Martin Luther King Jr.

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