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Who did the statement the statement taxation without representation come from

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Q: How does marketing create peace the society or how marketing can bring about a more peaceful world?
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What are examples of nonviolent civil disobedience to create positive changes in Indian society?

The practices of Mahatma Gandhi are prime examples of the use of nonviolent civil disobedience to create positive change in Indian Society. His use of protests, hunger strikes, and peaceful demonstrations helped to bring about very significant change.

How do you bring peace to your family?

By being peaceful one's self.

What does the phrase War and Peace mean?

War and peace is a phrase that has been derived from Orwell's novel 1984, meaning a society that can defend itself is a good society and a peaceful one, therefore a war at another place will bring peace to home.

What change did the aryans bring to India warlike or peaceful?

the caste system

What ethical challenges do computers bring to society?

what ethical challenges do computer s bring to society?

How is marketing important to a country?

Marketing is vital to a country's economy- internal marketing helps to bring in financial revenue from one part of the country to another, and international marketing (i.e. importing and exporting) is crucial for groups of nations to keep their economy going, create jobs for it's workforce, and to supply it with economic input and imported goods and materials that it needs. Without marketing, the global economy would collapse- even Communist countries have to engage in marketing, however self-sufficient they try to be.

What is the definition of create?

The verb to create means to bring into existence or to make.

What is the relationship between marketing and sales?

Marketing researches markets and implements advertising to bring in customers for businesses which the sales process begins.

What country did the labor group solidarity helped bring about peaceful change from communism to democracy?


What are the Marketing Functions in an Insurance Company?

To bring in new business into the company. To retain and service old account To create awareness on insurance product to prospect To educate prospect/client on the right insurance policies to be taken

How can you bring change in your society?

juducial activism

Why SMO is important for Website ?

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