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Mars is the second smallest planet besides Mercury and is still fairly small.

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How does mars compare to other planets in size?

Mars is the second smallest planet, Mercury is the smallest. So out of the eight planets, it is comparitively small. Mars' diameter is about half that of Earths. The Gas giant planets are much larger than the inner planets, so these would dwarf the planet Mars (and Earth).

How do the planets compare in size?


How does mars rate in terms of the other planets in terms of size?

Well, Mars is the second smallest in terms of the other planets. Only Mercury is smaller.

What is the size of Mars compare to other planets in the Solar System?

Of the eight planets in our solar system (ignoring Pluto and other dwarf or minor planets), Mars is second smallest... only Mercury is smaller. Mars is about 53% of the diameter of Earth (about 15% of the volume), also about fifteen percent of its mass. Standing on its surface you'd feel a little under 2/5ths of Earth's surface gravity.

How does the eather compare in size to other planets?

It is the biggest terrestrial planet, but far smaller than the four jovian planets.

Size of Mars compare to Earth?

Mars is smaller than Earth.

How does Earth compare in size to the other planets?

Earth is a little bigger than the other terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars), but the immensity of the jovian planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) cannot be matched by Earth's. Jupiter, the largest planet, has a diameter over eleven times greater than that of Earth.

How do four rocky planets compare to the four gas giants in size?

All four rocky planets are much smaller than gas planets.

How does the size of Jupiter compare to the rest of the planets?

Jupiter is much bigger. It is larger than all the other planets put together.

How does Neptune compare in size with other planets?

neptune is the third bigest planet from the solar system

How does Pluto compare to other planets it terms of size?

it is small, even smaller than our moon

What did you notice about the size of the inner planets compered with the size of the outer planets?

During my extensive travels, I noticed that all of the planets from Jupiter on out are bigger than any of the planets from Mars on in.

What is Mars size compare to earth?

Mars has a diameter about 0.53 of the Earth's. Mars has a mass about 0.107 times the Earth's.

How does the planet mars compare with earth?

IT is the almost the same size

How does the size of the terrestrial planets compare with jovian planets?

All of the jovian planets are more massive than any of the terrestrial planets.

What is the size of mars compared to all planets?

Mars is the second smallest planet. Only Mercury is smaller.

Does earth have strong or weak gravity?

Because of Earth's size, and considering it as one of the smallest planets, it has a weak gravity compared to the OTHER planets. Most planets have greater gravity because of their size. Earth has a stronger gravity compared to mars, mercury, and venus.

How many mars could fit into the sun?

It is estimated that about 1.3 million planets the size of Mars could fit inside the sun. By comparison about one million planets the size of earth could fit in the sun.

How are the inner planets different from each other?

The Inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. They are the planets closest to the sun. They are similar in that they all have solid surfaces, are almost the same size and have at least one moon.

Why does the planets always rotate?

Why does the planets always rotate? what is the temperataure of the planet mars?hoe long in earth days does it take mars to rotate around the earth?what is the size of the planet mars?could a human survive on the planet mars?

What is the size of mars in comparrison to the other planets?

Its Equatorial radius about 3,396.2 Km which makes it 0.533 Earths.See the photo of (from left to right) Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars to scale:

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