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A reaction between an acid and a metal oxide to form a salt and water as the only products.

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What happen when base react with non metal oxide-?

When a base reacts with a non metal oxide, an acid is formed after the reaction.

What happens when a metal oxide is reacted with an acid?

acid + metal oxide -> metal salt + water

Does cobalt oxide react with hydrochloric acid?

Yes!Remember this, when a metal oxide reacts with an acid, two things are produced:saltwaterSo.......When cobalt oxide reacts with hydrochloric acid, cobalt chloride and water are formed.

These react with acids to make salt and water?

Insoluble metal oxide + strong acid ---> salt + water

When a metal oxide reacts with an acid?

When a metal oxide reacts with an acid a slat and water are formed.

Word equations for metal reactions?

metal + acid -> salt + water metal + oxygen -> metal oxide metal oxide + acid -> salt + water metal + water -> metal hydroxide + hydrogen Metal + Steam -> Metal Oxide + Hydrogen Metal + Acid -> Metal salt + Hydrogen

How can acid rain destroy the protective oxide coating on the surface of metal like zinc and aluminium?

Acid+metal oxides= Salt and water So when acids react with these oxide coatings it breaks it down forming salt and water.

What is chemical equation of zinc oxide and stearic acid?

Zinc oxide doesn't react with stearic acid.

What do metals and non-metals form?

metals react with oxygen to form metallic oxide metals react with water to form metal hydrogen with liberation of hydrogen metals react with acid to form metal salts with liberation of hydrogen non metals react with oxygen to form nonmetallic oxide I think metaloids

When metals metal carbonates and metal oxides react with acid how is it possible to know what you will get?

Because when you use a certain metal say magnesium oxide with hydrochloric acid you will get: magnesium chloride magnesium carbonate + hydrochloric acid = salt + water + carbon dioxide.

What happens when metal and acid react?

Acid + Metal = Salt + Hydrogen

Why calcium oxide neutralizes an acid?

Calcium oxide react with acids forming a salt.

What does metal react with?

metals react with some acid

What does lead oxide and sulphuric acid make?

Lead oxide and sulfuric acid react to form lead sulfate and water.

What does an acid do to metal?

When acids react with metals, they form salts + hydrogen.If they react with metal oxides/hydroxides, the produce salts + waterExamplesAcid + Metal --> Salt + HydrogenH2SO4 + Mg --> MgSO4 + H22HCl + 2Na --> 2NaCl + H2Acid + Metal Oxide --> Salt + WaterH2SO4 + MgO --> MgSO4 + H2O2HCl + Na2O --> 2NaCl + H2O

What compounds are made when metals react with oxygen?

(the metal) oxide for example aluminum oxide

How do metals react with acid?

Many metals react with acid to liberate hydrogen, and form metal ions. The metal is oxidised.

Why doesnt aluminum react with hyrdochloric acids?

Aluminium does react with Hydrochloric acid, but, it also reacts with the oxygen in the air to create a coating of aluminium oxide, which is unreactive with acid. If you remove the aluminium oxide layer before putting the aluminium in the acid it will react.

What are the products of metal oxide with an acid?

Salt and Water. EXAMPLE: Zinc Oxide + Hydrochloric Acid -> Zinc Chloride + Water Metal Hydroxide and acid have the same products too.

What is the type of reaction between metal oxide and hydrochloric acid?

that would be a acid-metal oxide reaction see related link for more info

How do you react acid with metal?

Metals will react rapidly with most acids. If the acid is concentrated the reaction can be violent. To react one with the other simply drop acid onto the metal surface with an eye dropper or place the metal object into the acid (with care if the acid is strong).

Why does gold not react with hydrochloric acid?

Because hydrochloric is an acid which mean an acid cannot react with metal

Does copper oxide react with hydrochloric acid?

Yes copper oxide reacts with hydrochloric acid and it forms a blue green compound.

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