How does mxit work?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: How does mxit work?
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How to make mxit work on PC?

first you download mpowerplayer then you open it and look for mxit and start chating!

What are the advantages of mxit?

what are the advantages of mxit? what are the advantages of mxit?

Disadvantages of using mxit?

Lack of school work

How do you get mxit?

u can get mxit by going on the internet and downloading it

Can you chat to mobile phone Mxit users from Mxit on your Computer?

If you use your cell number and password for your cell phones mxit then you can chat to any person whos has mxit

When was mxit invented?

Mxit was invented by Herman Hun's in 2000

How do you use mxit?

i use mxit charting with my friends that i know

What is Vanessa Hudgens mxit contact?

What is vannesa hudgens mxit contact

Is Jake Austin on mxit?

yes Jake.T.Austin does have a mxit he also has a facebook

Does jb have mxit?


Is there any tips for moonbase on mxit or glitches?

Yes, there are tips for moonbase on mxit. No, there are no glitches though

Can mxit be hacked?

Luckily, all information is stored on the MXit server, so no, it is impossible to have your MXit hacked unless the "hacker" has had access to the victim's phone or a very good knowledge on them ..